Bloodhunt Battle Pass price, tiers & rewards

Bloodhunt Battle Pass price, tiers & rewards
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29th Apr 2022 10:38

You may be wondering about the Bloodhunt Battle Pass which has finally come to the game a few days after launch, letting players earn over 100 rewards on both free and premium tracks. Bloodhunt is the latest battle royale to hit the market, taking the vampire clans of the World of Darkness and pitting them against each other in a battle to the death.

Like any modern multiplayer title, there is a Bloodhunt Battle Pass, so read on for our breakdown of the price, tiers, and the rewards you can earn.

Bloodhunt Battle Pass dates and price

The first Bloodhunt Battle Pass is titled Retribution, and is set to run for 76 days in full, finishing up July 14, when the second season will likely begin. It went live on April 29 at 9am BST (1am PT/4am EST), and costs 950 Tokens. It costs £8 for 1000 of these Tokens from the in-game store, and you can also purchase the Battle Bass Bundle for 2400 Tokens, which lets you skip the first 20 tiers. To buy the pass, press the TAB key or the pause button on the controller when in Elysium, and navigate to the "Battle Pass" tab. 

There are 100 tiers in total, and even if you don't purchase it, there are free rewards every five tiers to claim, while Battle Pass holders will gain rewards from every tier. The rewards run the gambit of customisation options, with outfits, tattoos, emotes, player icons, hairstyles, and much more. You'll also earn a total of 1300 Tokens for completing the Battle Pass, meaning players will be able to get the second one without needing to put more money into the game. 

To level up the Battle Pass, players will just need to play solo or trio games and gain XP. The better you do during a game, the more experience you will earn, letting you level up the pass quicker, and there are some XP boost rewards to help even further. You'll also want to finish it entirely, as once season one ends, the rewards will be unobtainable, but if players purchase it late into the season, they'll receive the rewards from the previous tiers that they surpassed. 

Battle Pass rewards

Bloodhunt Battle Pass
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We won't know the full list of rewards until the Battle Pass releases on April 29, but the Bloodhunt website does tease some of the premium and free rewards. These are:

Free Rewards

Tier Reward Rarity
Tier 2 Denim Venom (Outfit) Rare
Tier 5 100 Tokens Legendary
Tier 8 Dark Rogue (Mask) Uncommon
Tier 13 Holy Knight (Player Icon) Uncommon
Tier 17 Feel Street (Outfit) Rare
Tier 22 Purgatory (Player Banner) Uncommon
Tier 27 Cross Reverence (Tattoo) Uncommon
Tier 33 Crest (Player Icon) Uncommon
Tier 38 No Man's Land (Piercing) Epic
Tier 42 Stained Leather (Player Banner) Uncommon
Tier 47 Anaerobic (Outfit) Epic
Tier 52 Mintage (Player Icon) Uncommon
Tier 58 Rat (Hair Colour) Rare
Tier 63 Prince of Distortion (Player Icon) Uncommon
Tier 68 Interceptor (Outfit) Epic
Tier 73 Procedure (Player Icon) Uncommon
Tier 77 Serpent Spire (Player Banner) Uncommon
Tier 81 Solarizing (Eyewear) Epic
Tier 85 Headshot (Outfit) Epic
Tier 89 River Styx (Make-up) Uncommon
Tier 93 100 Tokens Legendary
Tier 98 Fresh Fade (Hair) Rare


Premium Rewards

Tier Reward Rarity
Tier 1 Overclass (Outfit) Legendary
Tier 1 Boss (Outfit) Legendary
Tier 1 Iron Mask (Mask) Legendary
Tier 1 Veiled Threat (Player Icon) Legendary
Tier 1 Blue Crusaders (Player Banner) Legendary
Tier 1 10% XP Boost Epic
Tier 3 Crystal Phantom (Player Icon) Uncommon
Tier 4 Punch Drop (Emote) Rare
Tier 6 Vamp Vertex (Piercing) Rare
Tier 7 Crown (Player Banner) Uncommon
Tier 9 10% XP Boost Epic
Tier 10 Abated Apatite (Make-up) Uncommon
Tier 11 Can't Handle This (Emote) Rare
Tier 12 100 Tokens Legendary
Tier 14 Hypertrophic (Outfit) Epic
Tier 15 10% XP Boost Epic
Tier 16 Psychoactive (Tattoo) Rare
Tier 18 Laser Rays (Make-up) Uncommon
Tier 19 Gun Flex (Emote) Rare
Tier 20 Gold Lining (Piercing) Uncommon
Tier 21 10% XP Boost Epic
Tier 23 100 Tokens Legendary
Tier 24 Burst Brocade (Outfit) Rare
Tier 25 Negative (Hair Colour) Epic
Tier 26 10% XP Boost Epic
Tier 28 Anti-Hero (Outfit) Rare
Tier 29 Serpent Spear (Player Icon) Uncommon
Tier 30 Polarising (Eyewear) Uncommon
Tier 31 Laugh Out Loud (Emote) Uncommon
Tier 32 10% XP Boost Epic
Tier 33 Crest (Player Icon) Uncommon
Tier 34 100 Tokens Legendary
Tier 35 Ocean Liner (Make-up) Uncommon
Tier 36 Soldier of Fortune (Outfit) Epic
Tier 37 10% XP Boost Epic
Tier 39 Thumbs Up (Emote) Uncommon
Tier 40 100 Tokens Legendary
Tier 41 Hegemony (Outfit) Rare
Tier 43 10% XP Boost Epic
Tier 44 Shattered Heart (Tattoo) Rare
Tier 45 100 Tokens  Legendary
Tier 46 Make My Day (Emote) Rare
Tier 48 10% XP Boost Epic
Tier 49 White Eye (Make-up) Rare
Tier 50 Harnessed Power (Outfit) Legendary
Tier 50 Ironclad (Outfit) Legendary
Tier 51 Hermes Gold (Piercing) Uncommon
Tier 53 100 Tokens Legendary
Tier 54 10% XP Boost Epic
Tier 55 Civic Crown (Tattoo) Uncommon
Tier 56 Eyes On Me (Emote) Rare
Tier 57 Alabaster (Outfit) Epic
Tier 59 Hoops Gold (Piercing) Uncommon
Tier 60 100 Tokens Legendary
Tier 61 Latrodectus (Outfit) Rare
Tier 62 Wired Up (Tattoo) Rare
Tier 64 Ivory Edge (Make-up) Uncommon
Tier 65 100 Tokens Legendary
Tier 66 Chess Piece (Tattoo) Rare
Tier 67 Top of the World (Emote) Uncommon
Tier 69 Double Decor (Piercing) Rare
Tier 70 Unchained (Tattoo) Rare
Tier 71 Leather Facade (Mask) Rare
Tier 72 Ruby Brow (Make-up) Uncommon
Tier 74 100 Tokens Legendary
Tier 75 Massacre (Outfit) Rare
Tier 76 Sinister Crucifix (Tattoo) Uncommon
Tier 78 Wavelength (Emote) Rare
Tier 79 Lady Justice (Outfit) Rare
Tier 80 Uukhai Gold (Piercing) Uncommon
Tier 82 Serious Business (Player Icon) Uncommon
Tier 83 100 Tokens Legendary
Tier 84 Techno Tremor (Tattoo) Epic
Tier 86 Via Vermeer (Piercing) Rare
Tier 87 Bird of Prey (Player Icon) Uncommon
Tier 88 100 Tokens Legendary
Tier 90 Flower Power (Outfit) Epic
Tier 91 Charcoal Wyrm (Make-up) Rare
Tier 92 Upper Echelon (Piercing) Rare
Tier 94 Severed Seven (Tattoo) Rare
Tier 95 Victory (Player Icon) Uncommon
Tier 96 Cross Me (Emote) Rare
Tier 97 Shade 79 (Make-up) Uncommon
Tier 99 Smokestack (Piercing) Rare
Tier 100 Onyx Droplet (Eyewear) Rare
Tier 100 Forged In Fire (Player Icon) Legendary
Tier 100 Flaming Skull (Player Banner) Legendary
Tier 100 Reprobate (Outfit) Legendary
Tier 100 Rogue (Outfit) Legendary

That's all for our breakdown of the Bloodhunt Battle Pass, and now you know how the system works and what kind of rewards you can earn. 

Our Bloodhunt tips are also vital to making the most of your games and will ensure you can beat the rest of the early player base. 

Tarran is a Senior Guides Writer at GGRecon. He previously wrote reviews for his college newspaper before studying Media and Communication at university. His favourite genres include role-playing games, strategy games, and boomer shooters - along with anything indie. You can also find him in the pit at local hardcore shows.

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