Bloodhunt Quests | How Do Quests Work In Bloodhunt?

Bloodhunt Quests | How Do Quests Work In Bloodhunt?
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6th May 2022 14:35

The Bloodhunt quests are part of an overarching story involving the characters and factions of the World of Darkness's Prague, giving a bit of flavour to the multiplayer title. Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodhunt is the latest battle royale to hit the market, letting players take up arms as vampires to kill their kin in a citywide Bloodhunt. If you want to immerse yourself in the story between bouts with other players, you might be thinking, how do quests work in Bloodhunt? Well, check out how the Bloodhunt quests work, along with what quest rewards you can gain for your hard work. 

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Bloodhunt Quests: How Do The Quests Work?

Bloodhunt Quests
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When you boot up Bloodhunt, you'll be loaded into a lobby called Elysium. This is a large building that acts as a den of refuge for vampires somewhere in Prague, and gives you a place to wait around with other players while you queue for games or look through menus. One of the most immediately noticeable things you'll see is a vampire NPC in front of you called Custos with a marker above their head. 

Speaking to Custos will let you begin questing and give you access to the relevant screen in the Elysium menu. This specific quest will see you running around the building looking for some items, but other quests can take place during the multiplayer games in the city of Prague. This adds another layer of content to the game, giving you quests, challenges, and masteries to think about as well as surviving the battle royales. 


You'll gain quests from talking to the NPCs located around Elysium, and finishing these can reward you with XP or cosmetic items like player icons, player banners, and more. This makes them useful to complete if you're looking to level up the Bloodhunt Battle Pass or just want to experience more of the story that the World of Darkness has to offer. 

With the game also taking on the seasonal approach with content, we can assume each new season will also add quests to the game and further the overall narrative. 

Bloodhunt Quest Rewards

There are a few cosmetic rewards that players can earn so far for participating in the quests, letting you gear out your profile or character with extra stuff. Here are the game's current quests followed by their rewards:

  • Dirty Work - Statuesque (Player Icon)
  • Damage Report - Inquisition (Player Banner)
  • Stakeout - Seeing Red (Player Icon)
  • Blood Will Have Blood - Serpenspine (Player Banner)
  • Proof of Unlife - Rorschach (Player Banner)
  • Casus Belli - Fiercely Loyal (Outfit)

That's all for our breakdown of the Bloodhunt quests system, and now you know how to gain access to quests and what kind of rewards they can give you.

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