Bloodhunt Best Archetypes: Which Character Should You Pick?

Bloodhunt Best Archetypes: Which Character Should You Pick?
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You may need to know the Bloodhunt best archetypes are so you can make the most of their powerful vampiric abilities and raze hell across Prague. Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodhunt does give you a quick rundown on all the classes, telling you about their abilities and general playstyle, but it's not enough info when you are just getting started. So here's a breakdown of the Bloodhunt best archetypes that are currently available in-game. 

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Bloodhunt Best Archetypes And Clans Explained

Best Bloodhunt archetypes and characters
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There are seven Bloodhunt archetypes and four clans in the current version of the game, which are as follows:

  • Brute (Brujah)
  • Vandal (Brujah)
  • Saboteur (Nosferatu)
  • Prowler (Nosferatu)
  • Siren (Toreador)
  • Muse (Toreador)
  • Enforcer (Ventrue)

Each of the clans focuses on a different style of gameplay; the Brujah clan are all about strength and head-to-head combat, for example. Meanwhile, the Nosferatu clan focus on stealth and hiding in the shadows, scouting enemies and stalking them before striking unexpectedly. There's the Toreador clan, which focuses on ability usage, charming civilians, and healing allies, while the Ventrue are all about tanking damage and providing distractions for your allies to capitalise on.

Either of the Brujah archetypes are the best Bloodhunt characters for a newbie just starting out, thanks to their well-rounded abilities, and the Ventrue's Enforcer has a simple role that's valuable to a team. They're easy to get to grips with, while both the Nosferatu and Toreador clans take some learning and practice to make the most of their skills. Here are the best Bloodhunt archetypes for players just starting out, along with their abilities and skills explained.

Bloodhunt Best Archetypes: Brute

Best Bloodhunt Archetypes: Brute
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Kicking things off is the Brute, which is closely contested at the top of the list. The Brute takes the number one spot for a few different reasons though, the main one being how simple of a class it is to use. Here are all the Bloodhunt Brute powers:

Clan Skill: Soaring Leap - Perform a powerful jump forward.
Passive Skill: True Grit - The Brute replenishes up to half of their health while not taking damage.
Archetype Skill: Shock Wave Punch - Unleash a shock wave capable of deflecting bullets.

Soaring Leap is why you'll find the other Brujah clan archetype in second place, but the Brute class pips it to the top thanks to True Grit. Being able to constantly heal while not in combat is a crucial aspect, especially when it comes to new players who haven't mastered the art of avoiding damage yet. Shock Wave Punch is also excellent since it deflects any incoming bullets, which is especially useful in tight streets and alleyways. You can follow behind the wave to get within melee range, at which point your foe will be reloading after emptying all their bullets into essentially a huge shield.

Bloodhunt Best Archetypes: Vandal

Best Bloodhunt Archetypes: Vandal
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Vandal is the other Brujah clan archetype and while Brute is a little more defensive, this one is in all-out attack mode. Vandal is the one to go for if you think attack is the best form of defence, offering a hugely powerful ultimate.

Clan Skill: Soaring Leap - Perform a powerful jump forward.
Passive Skill: Adrenaline Rush - Gain moderate damage resistance when in close vicinity of enemies.
Archetype Skill: Earth Shock - Leap forward and crash upon the ground, dealing damage and hurling enemies upward.

Again, Soaring Leap is incredibly useful for traversal across rooftops and the like, especially when combined with Earth Shock. This allows you to leap off the top of buildings and slam into the ground at high speed, dealing damage and knocking enemies back a considerable distance. Add in Adrenaline Rush which means you'll take less damage when near the enemies you've leapt into, and all three abilities combo together nicely.

Bloodhunt Best Archetypes: Enforcer

Bloodhunt archetypes enforcer
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The Enforcer is currently the only member of the Ventrue clan in-game, acting as the sole tank of Bloodhunt. This means they have a simple role that players familiar with MOBAs and hero shooters can adapt to quickly. 

Clan Skill: Flesh of Marble - Makes you invulnerable to damage for a short period, except for offensive skills.
Passive Skill: Subjugating Presence - Slows nearby enemies and alerts you if any enemy enters the vicinity.
Archetype Skill: Unyielding Charge - Rush forward dealing some damage and silencing enemies, meaning they can't use vampiric powers while affected.

The Flesh of Marble skill is a powerful tool for any team comp, as it lets you distract an entire group of enemies while avoiding damage. Your allies can come and sweep up while the enemy is occupied with you, or you can use it to rush a singular enemy and burst them down while they have almost no options for fighting back. The passive is also incredibly valuable to any team that communicates, as you'll always know when someone is nearby. It also makes the final moments of games easier, as you'll have the vital information on where the opponent is.


Bloodhunt Best Archetypes: Prowler

Best Bloodhunt Archetypes: Prowler
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Over to the Nosferatu clan now, and the Prowler is much better than the Saboteur because of its scouting powers. The Prowler is much more of a team player, so communicating with your allies while utilising the powers is crucial.

Clan Skill: Vanish - Become invisible and move rapidly for a brief duration.
Passive Skill: Sense The Beast - Severely wounded enemies leave a trail that reveals their recent movement.
Archetype Skill: Scouting Famulus - Send out bats to scout an area, temporarily revealing enemies through walls.

Vanish is super useful in combat situations, because even though you're only invisible for a few seconds, you move quick enough that you can get behind enemies and bamboozle them. The Prowler's true strengths come with the passive skill though, because as long as you deal enough damage to an enemy, you'll be able to track and follow them no matter where they go to try and heal. Scouting Famulus is also useful in high-action combat situations, although the area the bats cover is quite small.

Bloodhunt Best Archetypes: Muse

Best Bloodhunt Archetypes: Muse
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The Muse character from the Toreador clan is by far the better of the two, but you need to be working as a team with your allies for Muse to be useful. This is essentially the healer class and isn't anywhere near as good offensively.

Clan Skill: Projection/Dash - Send out a projection of yourself, which you can dash to.
Passive Skill: Final Act - Instantly refresh your cooldowns and enable the use of powers when downed.
Archetype Skill: Rejuvenating Voice - Enter a restorative state that heals you and nearby allies while channelled. Taking damage or using the power while channelling interrupts the healing state.

The ultimate, Rejuvenating Voice, is the bread and butter of this class. Let your allies do the majority of the fighting and lie in wait with your healing powers when they need topping up. If you end up going down, Final Act will allow you to still use your abilities, so you can dash away and heal yourself despite being downed. Nobody likes being a healer, but this class is vital when used effectively.

Bloodhunt Best Archetypes: Saboteur

Best Bloodhunt Archetypes: Saboteur
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If you want to avoid engagements and combat to simply out-survive your enemies, then the Saboteur is the primary choice, because it is the dream for any camper.

Clan Skill: Vanish - Become invisible and move rapidly for a brief duration.
Passive Skill: Unseen Passage - Turn semi-invisible when crouching.
Archetype Skill: Sewer Bomb - Throw a bomb that explodes and releases toxic gas when approached by enemies.

Rather than using Vanish for the upper hand in combat like the Prowler might, as the Saboteur, you can use Vanish to flee round a corner and avoid combat altogether. Unseen Passage boosts the effectiveness of this because if you crouch right after, you'll stay sort-of invisible, with a ghostly sheen around your body. Not impossible to see, but pretty damn hard. If enemies start approaching your hiding spot, then Sewer Bomb will be immensely useful, as it deals damage to them, and you can either engage from the other side of the toxic gas, or use it as a distraction to run away.

Bloodhunt Best Archetypes: Siren

Best Bloodhunt Archetypes: Siren
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Finally, we have the Siren. While it might be the weakest of all six archetypes in Bloodhunt, if you can master the abilities then it becomes a very viable choice for the right playstyle.

Clan Skill: Projection/Dash - Send out a projection of yourself, which you can dash to.
Passive Skill: Kindred Charm - Nearby civilians are charmed, temporarily making them act friendly towards you and your team.
Archetype Skill: Blinding Beauty - Slowly erupt into pure beauty, blinding and damaging all nearby enemies.

The biggest strength for the Siren is Kindred Charm ensuring you'll pretty much never fall victim to a Bloodhunt, which can often be the demise for players. Blinding Beauty is useful in combat too, because you can blind any enemies nearby, which you can dash towards with the clan skill to then finish them off. Overall though, the Siren may need a buff at some point to hold its own against the rest of the characters.

Now you know the Bloodhunt best archetypes and characters, keep your eyes peeled on GGRecon for more Bloodhunt guides.

We also have a breakdown of the Bloodhunt best weapons, so you can pair the most powerful hardware with your favourite archetype.


Ford is the former Guides Editor at GGRecon.

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