How To Fix The Bloodhunt Error 29 Bug

How To Fix The Bloodhunt Error 29 Bug
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4th May 2022 16:35

The Bloodhunt Error 29 bug has been occurring since the beta way back in 2021, but despite players still running into issues with it, the developers haven't managed to patch it out and permanently fix it. Bloodhunt is the latest battle royale to hit the market, taking the vampire clans of the World of Darkness and letting them fight it out in central Prague. So if you want to continue playing, here's how to fix the Bloodhunt Error 29 bug. 

  • Once you managed to fix the issue, make sure to check out our breakdown of the Bloodhunt Archetypes so you know which ones stand as the most powerful. 

Bloodhunt Error 29: How To Fix The Error

Bloodhunt Error 29
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The Bloodhunt Error 29 issue seems to pop up for players when they attempt to log into their Sharkmob account when starting the game. The exact error that appears is as follows: "Account linking error: 19. (Are you logging in on a Sharkmob account not linked with the Steam/PlayStation account you are currently using?)" The root of the error stems from the player's Sharkmob account not connecting with the account of the platform they are using, but we don't know exactly how this occurs, and it can seemingly happen to anyone. 

There are currently two main methods to fix this. The first is the quickest and just involves players restarting their Steam client or console, then trying to log back in. This seems to work most of the time but if you're still running into Error 29, the next best method is to unlink the Sharkmob account from your platform account. To do this you can go to the official Bloodhunt website, log in, and navigate to settings where you'll be able to manage linked accounts. Just unlink the Steam account and relink it, and the problem should be fixed. PlayStation users will be unable to perform this exact step for unlinking the account.

That's our breakdown for fixing the Bloodhunt Error 29 bug, and now you should be able to use one of the above fixes to carry on playing.

We also have a primer on the Bloodhunt quests, that explains how to start them and what purpose they serve. 


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