Bloodhunt Tips: Complete Beginner's Guide To The Vampire Battle Royale

Bloodhunt Tips: Complete Beginner's Guide To The Vampire Battle Royale
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27th Apr 2022 10:58

Our Bloodhunt tips are vital if you want to be the most powerful kindred in this new battle royale. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt adds enough new mechanics and variety to make it stand out in the market, with its heaps of abilities, hostile and neutral NPCs, passive powers from exploration, and much more. So, if you need to know how to keep up the masquerade while still being a threat to the opposition, we've got you covered with our nine Bloodhunt tips. 

1. Bloodhunt Tips: Experiment With All Classes

Bloodhunt tips: Try all the characters
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Our Bloodhunt archetypes guide goes into detail on exactly what each character can offer - and which we think is the best in the game at this early stage - but we strongly recommend trying out each of them before settling on your favourite. The great thing about Bloodhunt is that none of the classes are obviously overpowered, since each one offers a vastly different style of gameplay and if you can master the abilities, then you can win matches with all of them. The three clans suit specific playstyles too, so don't just pick one and stick with it before trying all of them out.

2. Bloodhunt Tips: Learn One Area Of The Map

Bloodhunt tips: Learn one area of the map
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Bloodhunt's version of Prague is impressively accurate to real life (although there's nowhere to buy a trdelnik in-game), covering most of the Old Town area of the city. This means the map is quite big though, with plenty of alleyways and buildings to learn. Our recommendation is that you pick one area of the map to consistently drop in. Thanks to the high tier loot areas being random each time, you'll have some matches that are hectic from the get-go and some that give you time to roam around. You can also learn where the best loot drops are, so you can plan a reliable route.

3. Bloodhunt Tips: Use Heightened Senses Constantly

Bloodhunt tips: Use heightened senses
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Pressing X activates your heightened senses, which highlights things of interest nearby, like loot piles with weapons, ammo, and healing items, along with NPCs to feed on. It only takes a few seconds to reset, so you'll want to be pressing it more often than not, especially if you think enemies are nearby. If there's an enemy within your line of sight, heightened senses will highlight them in red, making them easier to follow and target.

4. Bloodhunt Tips: Ensure You Don't Get Seen When Feeding

Bloodhunt tips: Make sure nobody sees you feeding
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Feeding on civilians will heal 100 health, along with some granting you passive bonuses, but if you get seen by any other NPC while chomping on someone's neck, it'll start a bloodhunt. This makes you visible to everyone on the map with a bright red outline and minimap icon, and since the map can be clustered with players early on, it's not something you want to invoke on yourself. Especially since there's no reward for surviving one.

5. Bloodhunt Tips: Search For Resonant Mortals Early On

Bloodhunt tips: Hunt down resonant mortals
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The aforementioned passive bonuses are obtained by hunting for resonant mortals, which you can identify by their colours when using heightened senses. You start with three resonance slots and through diablerising players or feeding on soldiers, you can increase that to seven. Learn which colour resonance is best for your playstyle and hunt for civilians that can boost it. The four types of blood resonance are:

  • Sanguine - Has a pink aura and makes you heal quicker
  • Choleric - Has an orange aura and boosts your melee damage
  • Phlegmatic - Has a blue aura and reduces the cooldown of your Archetype power
  • Melancholic - Has a purple aura and reduces the cooldown of your Clan power


6. Bloodhunt Tips: Climb Buildings Like Your Life Depends On It

Bloodhunt tips: Get up high
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Utilising the verticality in Bloodhunt is key, because there's a lot of it. Being stuck on the streets of Old Town while an enemy shoots at you from the rooftops above is a difficult position to escape from and since you're an agile vampire, leaping up the sides of buildings is effortless. As long as you have a weapon that can deal damage at range, most of the time you'll want to dash across the rooftops rather than sprinting through the streets.

7. Bloodhunt Tips: Learn Each Of The Guns

Bloodhunt tips: Learn which weapons are suitable for different encounters
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There are quite a few different guns available in Bloodhunt, but there's no point in picking up a Tommy Gun if you already have Dual Pistols, for example. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of each of the guns available is key, so you can diversify your loadout and ensure you're equipped for any combat situation. Some weapons also have special abilities that can be surprising to enemies, such as the katana's ability to deflect bullets. My go-to loadout with common weapons is a Sniper Rifle, LMG, and Spiked Baseball Bat, so I'm ready for fighting at any range.

8. Bloodhunt Tips: Don't Be Afraid Of The Entity

Bloodhunt Tips Entity
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Like we said previously, there are a lot of guns to use in Bloodhunt, but like other battle royale experiences, they have rarity tiers associated, with higher rarity weapons performing better in almost every metric. The best kinds of guns have a purple or golden background on them in the inventory menus, but these are mostly found in regions that are heavily guarded by the Entity. Finding Camarilla caches or Entity strongboxes here will almost always yield powerful rewards, but you'll have to fight or sneak around the Entity to get them. Despite their scary appearance, the Entity are never more of a threat than another player, so it's worth venturing into their territory for the best loot. 

9. Bloodhunt Tips: Stick With Your Team

Bloodhunt tips team
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If you are a lone Bruja then this tip won't apply to you, but for players that are joining up with friends or just teaming with randoms, sticking together is more important in Bloodhunt than most battle royales. Due to how rapidly you can go from street to roof level, or jump from rooftop to rooftop, it can be difficult to stick together, but the team of childe that stick together will present the biggest threat to opposition. The game comes with voice chat, so you can communicate with other players, and the contextual ping system is vital for pointing out enemies and loot. 

Now you know all of our top Bloodhunt tips, get out there and start winning some matches. Keep your eyes on GGRecon for more Bloodhunt news and guides in the future.


Ford is the former Guides Editor at GGRecon.

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