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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
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Nine Amazing Apex Legends Outfit and Weapon Skin Combos

Nine Amazing Apex Legends Outfit and Weapon Skin Combos

Written by 

Coleman Hamstead


18th Jul 2020 17:00

On the surface, Apex Legends is a Battle Royale where Legends from all backgrounds come together and fight to the death in the Apex Games.

Underneath, there is another type of competition occurring. Apex Legends players vigorously seek and hunt the most stylish outfits and skins. If you’re gonna participate in a nationally televised blood sport, you may as well look fresh while you’re doing it.

However, Apex Legends is home to hundreds of different outfits and skins. Every Legend is capable of dressing in thousands of different cosmetic combinations. Some of these may garner the admiration of other Legends. Other combos come out so badly that they should have never been equipped in the first place.

In the search for the most aesthetically pleasing combinations, we came across nine that stood out among the rest. These nine outfit and skin combos contain some of the most exclusive, rare and gorgeous items in all of Apex Legends.

Overwhelm your friends and foes with envy with the help of the list below.

Airship Assassin + The Alchemist

Apex Legends Skin Combos

Every sweaty TTV Wraith’s dream combo. The Airship Assassin outfit is one of the most sought after skins in all of Apex Legends. The Void Specialist recolour was released in February of 2019 and has not returned since. It was available in the shop for a limited time and only purchasable through Apex Coins and Legend Tokens. Not many players had these on hand back then, thus, Airship Assassin’s rarity.

The black and gold accents on Airship Assassin blend beautifully with The Alchemist R99 skin. And every sweaty Wraith needs an R99 right? 

This Apex Legends skin combo is sure to turn heads. It’s a perfect mix of exclusivity and fashion.


Plastic Fantastic + Old Blue and Blue Dragon

Apex Legends Skin Combos

Pathfinder has perhaps the most stylish and original outfits out of any Legend. It seems like every event the friendly robot gets a new Legendary skin. One of our favourites is the Plastic Fantastic skin from the System Override event. This skin turns Pathfinder into something straight out of the Transformers.

All good Pathfinders need a trusty gun before they grapple into action. As it turns out, we have two for you. 

First, there’s the Old Blue Peacekeeper. Old Blue is a recolour of the fan-favourite Lonestar skin. The silver and blue colour on Old Blue match Plastic Fantastic perfectly and add an old western touch to the futuristic Pathfinder.

If you’re looking for an Apex Legends skin combo with a bit more range, look no further than the Blue Dragon Scout. The Blue Dragon is the icy sibling of the Crimson Fire Drake. The Blue Dragon was the first weapon recolour to ever be released in Apex Legends, making it extremely rare.

Add this combo to your rotation and watch the rest of the lobby flee in fear.

Midnight + Cyber Shock

Apex Legends Skin Combos

If you're a player on a budget, take note of this next combo. Midnight is an absolute steal for its Common rarity. Midnight is perfect for fans of the original Legends. It won’t add fancy hats or glasses to completely change a Legends’ look as Legendary skins do. However, fashion isn’t always about that. Basic, clean looks can be just as eye-catching as the outrageous ones. Midnight matches almost everything and will have you standing out in the crowd alongside the more rare and expensive combos.

The best part, every Legend and weapon in the Apex Legends universe can be outfitted with the Midnight skin. There’s no need to stress over seasonal events or limited-time store recolours. Midnight is available year-round and for the low price of 30 Crafting Metal.

One of the more stand-out combinations we found involved dressing Loba in Midnight. Loba is unique in that her Common skins alter her makeup and nail colours. The dark eyes and black fingernails round out the look wonderfully.

For even more flair, consider pairing Midnight Loba with the Cyber Shock Peacekeeper. Cyber Shock was a free reward gifted to players that achieved 2,000 points playing Deja Loot during the System Override event. The unique Peacekeeper model fits the polished monochromatic look to a tee.

Millennial Tusk + Impulse Fire

Apex Legends Skin Combos

Donning all white has been a fashion statement since the dawn of time. In many cultures, the colour white is the aura of gods and angels and represents royalty. 

Who better than Gibraltar to dress in the garb of the angels? The gentle giant looks stunning decked out in white. The Legendary Millennial Tusk skin outfits Gibraltar in all-white attire and even adds a touch of face paint. 

Add the Impulse Fire Mozambique to your closet to complete the heavenly look. Impulse Fire is pure white with a touch of gold, matching perfectly to the gold accents of Millennial Tusk.

Players may struggle to find kills using the lacklustre Mozambique, but the trade-off is massive style points. And aren’t angels supposed to be pacifists anyway?


Mint Condition + Big Game Hunter

Apex Legends Skin Combos

The Mint Condition Bangalore skin adds a dose of colour to an otherwise serious Legend. Bangalore’s nature leads to a rather dull outfit wardrobe. Almost all of Bangalore’s skins lack colour. That all changed when The Enforcer skin got a recolour. The result is a bright lime green outfit that’s hard to ignore. 

If you’ve been following the story of the Broken Ghost, you know that Bangalore is fond of long-range engagements. The Big Game Hunter Longbow lets Bang live her persona — while winning fashion competitions on the side.

Rock this dazzling Apex Legends skin combo if you’re a Bangalore main and want to give your enemies something to remember you by.

Demon Hunter + The Notorious One

Apex Legends Skin Combos

Another “budget” combo. This outfit/weapon combination is easily obtainable by most players.

Demon Hunter is by far the best looking Epic skin in Lifeline’s arsenal. The Red pattern ideally highlights her hair colour and skin tone. 

Demon Hunter coupled with The Notorious One Hemlock creates a wicked pairing. The Notorious One literally comes with a demon cemented on the front of the weapon, appropriately matching the name of the Lifeline outfit. The Notorious One is part of the Founders Pack.

Eliminate the demons of the battlefield in style thanks to this devilish skin combo.


False Idol + Guardian of Atlantis and Eye of the Storm

Apex Legends Skin Combos

On its own, Revenant’s False Idol outfit is one of the coolest skins in the game. False Idol represents the Synthetic Nightmare moniker with its horrifying face and horns. Despite its scary features, the vibrant gold and blue colours give off an Egyptian pharaoh vibe.

Equip the Guardian of Atlantis EVA-8 Auto and the Eye of the Storm Havoc and take a trip back to ancient Egyptian times. Guardian of Atlantis could not match False Idol more perfectly. The blue and gold colour would impress even Osiris himself.

For fans of energy weapons, the Eye of the Storm Havoc is another choice pairing. The sapphire blue coating this gun compliments False Idol’s blue accents.


Marble Goddess + Regal Spike

Apex Legends Skin Combos

Shout out to u/notlurkingatalllegit for this Greek-inspired skin combination. The statue-like Wraith skin was released during the most recent event, Lost Treasures. The outfit gives homage to the famous marble statues of ancient Greece.

While beautiful on its own, the Regal Spike Scout drives life into this stoic outfit. Regal Spike was a weapon skin available during the Iron Crown event. Regal Spike comes dressed in the same exact pearl and gold texture seen on Marble Goddess. Marble Goddess and Regal Spike are a match made in fashion heaven.


Relic of Death + Heat Sink and Brass Beast

Apex Legends Skin Combos

Last on the list, we have an incredible skin combo brought to you by u/bthaanku. Respawn Entertainment’s art team really stepped up with the Lost Treasures event. The event brought with it some of the best skins to ever grace Apex Legends. One of those skins was Revenant’s Relic of Death.

One would think finding a weapon skin to match this outfit’s colours would prove difficult. However, players that reached tier 100 of the Season 4 Battle Pass will find that they have just the right fit.

The Heat Sink Flatline has an identical jade accent coursing through it. The green gemstone colour stands out further surrounded by the gold and black primary colour. All together, Heat Sink is the ideal weapon to run with Relic of Death.

For the sharpshooters, the Brass Beast Wingman is an alternative option. The Merciless Wing recolour is plated in gold with a touch of black. Even without any green colouring, the Brass Beast aligns just fine with this outfit’s theme.

Consider equipping one of the above Apex Legends skin combos next time you enter the Apex Games. We promise you’ll be the talk of the lobby.


Stay tuned here @GGRecon for Apex Legends news, guides, features and more. 

Images via Respawn Entertainment

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