Ranking The Top Five Apex Legends Limited-Time Modes

Ranking The Top Five Apex Legends Limited-Time Modes

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Coleman Hamstead


29th Jul 2020 17:45

Apex Legends has historically taken a quality over quantity approach when it comes to limited-time modes (LTMs). New LTMs come out only once every couple of months. On top of that, they are made available for just days at a time, sometimes only a single day. Nevertheless, they are always top-notch. 

Now, things may be changing. Recent leaks reveal that there are potentially two new LTMs in development. Could we be getting another Grand Soirée style event? This apparent emphasis on LTMs begs the question. Perhaps this is the beginning of weekly and bi-weekly limited-time modes.

Whatever the case may be, it seems like an appropriate time to take a look back and rank the top five LTMs in Apex Legends history. Apex Legends has had many amazing LTMs in the past, however, these stand out among the rest.

Apex Legends Solo Mode
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5. Third-Person Mode

This mode offers an entirely new perspective into Apex Legends. The fast-paced first-person shooter is transformed into a tactical third-person battle royale. The standard gameplay rules remain the same but the change to third-person POV completely alters the experience.

One of the standout features of this mode is the ability for players to see their own outfits and skins in-game. Apex Legends is loaded with hundreds of sick cosmetic items, many of which players never get to see first-hand due to the game’s traditional first-person perspective. In Third-Person Mode, players can slide, jump and fight as they witness their Legend in action. 

Gameplay in Third-Person Mode is significantly different. Normally, a player can’t see you unless you see them. In Third-Person Mode, tactical players can sit behind a wall and stalk from afar without ever exposing themselves. Furthermore, third-person POVs give way to famous techniques like “right-hand advantage” and “peek shooting”. Third-person adds a whole new layer to Apex Legends.

Third-Person Mode offers a dynamic experience without drifting away from the core gameplay of Apex Legends. It’s nice to see the game from a different perspective.

Players that missed out on Third-Person Mode, can always go to the Firing Range. There are plenty of tricks/glitches that will change the POV from first to third-person. It’s the next best thing until the developers revive this unique mode.

Apex Legends Solo Mode
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4. Armed and Dangerous

Shottys and Snipers — a truly classic game type. This rendition of the game mode offers the best of both worlds; long-range sniping and close-quarters mayhem. 

There are a few reasons to love Armed and Dangerous. One, the only available weapons are shotguns and snipers. No R99s, Spitfires, Prowlers, etc. In this mode, you’ll never be “spray n’ prayed”. Armed and Dangerous rewards players with precise aim.

The absence of weapon variety makes for easy looting. Players can drop in and be fully-looted after searching one building. The only items on the map are snipers, shotguns and their respective attachments. Players don’t have to look far before the action begins.

Another unique aspect of Armed and Dangerous is the lack of armour. In the original variation, only white body armour was available. This means players could swiftly rack up multiple kills. A few on-point peacekeeper shots would wipe a whole squad. Talented Snipers could one-shot down low-profile legends with a body shot. In the Evolved version, only Evo Shields are available. This further emphasizes aggressive play and adds to the high-octane game mode.

Lastly, Armed and Dangerous was used as a test for the Mobile Respawn Beacon. This item let squads respawn their teammates anywhere on the map. Players loved the convenience. Now, the Mobile Respawn Beacon is a permanent fixture in the standard game modes.

Apex Legends Solo Mode
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3. Solos

The most requested game mode of all time. A mode that’s a given in most other battle royales is a limited commodity in Apex Legends. The Developers have stated from the beginning that they feel the game plays best in Trios. The Legends are balanced for team play and Solos would disrupt that balance. Lifeline’s kit revolves entirely around supporting her teammates. If you have no teammates, Lifeline is near useless. Legends like Wraith and Pathfinder are infinitely better in a Solos mode.

Despite this, Apex Legends developers answered the community's wishes during the Iron Crown Event. Solos mode ran for two weeks last year from August 13 - August 27. For the most part, it was a massive success. Not everyone has a squad to run with. Additionally, griefing and early match abandonment are not uncommon in the standard modes. This mode answered the prayers of the solo queuers.

On the gameplay side of things, nothing feels better than outplaying someone in a straight-up 1v1. The feeling after a Solo victory is unmatched. No need for teamwork or communication. Just you and your skills.

Unfortunately, the two-week test has done little to sway the developers. Solos has not returned since. Still, the demand for this mode hasn't dwindled. The one year anniversary of its original release is nearing. If we’re lucky, Solos will come back again; this time on World’s Edge.

Apex Legends Solo Mode
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2. Déjà Loot

At #2, we have Déjà Loot. One of the biggest gripes with the battle royale genre is RNG and the time it takes to loot up. This mode answers both of those problems.

There is zero RNG in Déjà Loot, and every game the same loot spawns in the same exact place. The dropship would fly the same route and the ring would follow the same pattern each and every day the LTM ran.

No more dying because you got a Mozambique and white armour and your opponent found an R99 and gold armour. In Déjà Loot, that gold armour is going to spawn at the same exact location every single game.

The gameplay ramifications of this are massive. Without RNG, tons of different strategies open up. For example, my squad and I found three purple body armours in one corner of Capital City. So, we would all three drop in on a different one and instantly start every game with full shields. This put us at a massive advantage early game while everyone else was gearing up.

Déjà Loot is a perfect mix of risk vs. reward. If you’re looking to frag out, drop in on a hot weapon or piece of armour and fight for it. If you’d rather play it slow, find a location that spawns more basic loot and equipment. Squads can choose just the right spot for them and know that the loot will always be stagnant.

End games get crazy in Déjà Loot. Squads will run a Watson and Caustic, head to the final circle right away and build an impenetrable defence. The ring closes in the same spot every match so teams often prepare early. 

Déjà Loot takes the luck out of battle royales. Squads can plan their looting routes and rotations easily. Knowing where everything is every game is a welcome change from the innate randomness of battle royales. 

Last but not least, Déjà Loot. introduced the Evo Shield. The item fits the game perfectly and has now been added to the standard modes permanently.

Apex Legends Solo Mode
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1. Gold Rush

People play games to feel powerful. Gold Rush did just that. Krabers, Mastiffs and other gold guns galore. Gold Rush makes players feel like a killing machine.

In standard modes, players may come across a Kraber or a Mastiff once every few games if they’re lucky. In Gold Rush, it’s possible to wield both of these care package items right from the beginning. The result is a bunch of long-range one-shot kills with the Kraber and close-up squad wipes with the Mastiff.

Dying in Gold Rush is far less punishing than any of the other game modes. A revived player can walk into the first building they see and grab a gold weapon.

Everyone is on even ground in Gold Rush. RNG leads to some uneven matchups in the normal modes. Some teams will be looted to the brim, while others live off scraps. There’s a saying, “if everything is overpowered, nothing is overpowered.” That’s exactly how Gold Rush works.

The idea of Gold Rush may not be as original as other game modes, but that doesn’t matter. There’s a reason the Kraber and the OG Mastiff were only available through care packages. The weapons have immense power. Gold Rush earns the #1 spot because it lets players live out their terminator fantasies.

Apex Legends has had some great limited-time modes in its short lifespan — these are our top five. Do you agree or disagree with our list? Did we leave your favourite LTM out? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @GGRecon_


Images via Respawn Entertainment

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