Warzone PDS: How The New Field Upgrade Works

Warzone PDS: How The New Field Upgrade Works

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15th Feb 2022 12:32

The new Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific season brought a bunch of new features into the fold, with the Warzone PDS being one of them. The Portal Decontamination Station (PDS) is a Field Upgrade that provides a unique solution to a common problem but also new challenges introduced through the new Nebula V ammunition and bombs that also came in Warzone Pacific Season 2. Here is how the Warzone PDS Field Upgrade works.

Warzone PDS
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How The Warzone PDS New Field Upgrade Works

The Warzone PDS Field Upgrade has a couple of intuitive but also other surprising aspects to it. Being able to drop from any loot box with a regular field upgrade chance, the PDS is straightforward to use.

By throwing it on the ground, you create a safe zone from all kinds of gas hazards including the different zones but also the gas produced by the new Nebula V ammunition and bombs.

The duration of the PDS is definitely long enough to pick up a teammate so if you ever get stuck out of the zone, the PDS will be a great tool to get your team up and running again.

Warzone PDS Nebula V Bomb
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The utility of PDS, in those situations, is also boosted by the additional healing effect it offers, replenishing players health to full. This is especially useful because it means you needn't stop running towards the safe zone.


It could also come in handy in late-game scenarios in which the circle moves frequently. Imagine your team wants to hold a high ground position just a little longer to maintain an advantage on an opposing team that has to leave a house that is about to be zoned. Dropping the PDS would buy you the crucial seconds to launch an attack and get in the zone.


However, a notable downside of the Warzone PDS is that it’s rather telegraphed due to a balance decision the developers have taken. When the Warzone PDS is deployed, everyone will see the circle that is carved out of the zone on their own minimap. Meaning all opposing teams will have a more-than-vague idea of where you're positioned.

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What other shenanigans will be possible with the Warzone PDS remains to be seen but we can already see how it will lead to some unique tactical opportunities which could lead to interesting outcomes in the metagame. 

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