Can you still play Warzone 1 in 2024: Verdansk & Caldera

Can you still play Warzone 1 in 2024: Verdansk & Caldera
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Wondering if you can still play Warzone 1 in 2024 is a question on the mind of a lot of Call of Duty fans who want to take a trip back in time to the days of Verdansk and Caldera. With a completely different weapon arsenal and gunplay as a whole, some players are just not enjoying the Urzikstan-era of WZ2 and preferred the gameplay experience of the previous title.

The Vondel and Urzikstan maps may suit a large portion of CoD fans, but some just can't help but feel that the landscapes of Verdansk and Caldera were better. Not only that, some of the community have already made it clear that vehicles have become useless in the newest iteration of the game.

So, why not just jump back on Warzone 1 and relive the golden era? Well, it's not as simple as that after the devs made a huge announcement back in 2023.

Can you still play Warzone 1 in 2024?

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No, you can no longer play Warzone 1 in 2024, as Activision shut down the game on September 21, 2023. As Warzone 2 is the next iteration of the CoD Battle Royale experience, it's clear the devs didn't want to split the playerbase between two different games, so the decision to shut down the OG Warzone was made.

For anyone who collected skins in the OG Warzone, those cosmetics will still "continue to be accessible in those specific games," but only for use in multiplayer. However, keep in mind that "All Caldera gameplay, player progression, inventories and online services" expired on that date.

With rumours of Verdansk and Rebirth Island making a return in Warzone 2, OG fans may get to experience some of the magic and nostalgia from WZ1 in the future. However, nothing will beat the actual game itself, which many members of the CoD community miss dearly.

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