Best Guns In Warzone: Season 5 Meta

Best Guns In Warzone: Season 5 Meta
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Coleman Hamstead


30th Aug 2022 13:49

The competition is steep in Season 5: Last Stand, so if you hope to survive and claim victory, it's important to know the best guns in Warzone. At this point, Warzone is saturated with weapons from three different Call of Duty titles, but only a select few are truly viable on the battlefield. If the meta is on your mind, below is a list of the best guns in Warzone Season 5.

Best Guns In Warzone: Season 5 | Submachine Guns

Armaguerra 43

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The most popular gun overall in all of Warzone Season 5: Last Stand, the Armaguerra 43 is a fan favourite due to its accuracy, range, and control. This SMG can certainly shoot fast, but its range allows it to excel beyond just close-up engagements. The Armaguerra 43 is cemented as one of the best guns in Warzone — even after the Warzone Season 5: Last Stand buffs and nerfs.

H4 Blixen

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The H4 Blixen is a great SMG for beginners, as its recoil is effortless to manage, and like the Armaguerra 43, it has the accuracy and range to hold its own at extended distances. The H4 Blixen's fire rate is modest, but for how hard it hits, this is a non-issue. With heightened mobility, perfect for swerving bullets and slithering around enemies, the H4 Blixen is a do-it-all SMG that's easy to pick up and put to work.

Best Guns In Warzone: Season 5 | Assault Rifles

Grau 5.56

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After being nerfed into irrelevancy, the Grau 5.56 Assault Rifle is back on top in the Warzone Season 5 meta. The Grau 5.56 received buffs to its Max Damage, Max Damage Range, and Neck Damage multiplier that makes it once again one of the best guns in Warzone. With the right setup, the Grau 5.56 is unmatched in mid-range combat and is quite serviceable at longer ranges.

Cooper Carbine


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The Cooper Carbine is a favourite amongst Warzone players in Season 5 because it operates as an Assault Rifle-SMG hybrid. Technically an Assault Rifle, the Cooper Carbine feels like an SMG thanks to its fast fire rate, but it hits like an AR. As is the case with most of the best guns in Warzone Season 5, much of the Cooper Carbine's popularity comes from its ease of use and general all-around effectiveness.

Best Guns In Warzone: Season 5 | Sniper Rifles

3-Line Rifle


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If you aim to snipe in Warzone Season 5, the 3-Line Rifle is your best bet. The 3-Line Rifle is a solid mixture of power and speed. Bullet Velocity is king as far as sniping in Warzone goes, and the 3-Line Rifle sports plenty of it. Usually, Bullet Velocity comes at the cost of mobility and ADS Speed, but the 3-Line Rifle is far less sluggish than other options like the AX-50. All in all, the 3-Line Rifle is the best gun in Warzone, as far as putting enemies down with a single well-placed shot goes.

Best Guns In Warzone: Season 5 | Light Machine Guns



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The UGM-8 isn't one of the Warzone most popular guns, but performance-wise, the UGM-8 can't be beaten. On average, players using the UMG-8 boast a K/D ratio over 1.5 and a win rate of nearly six percent — the highest marks in Warzone. So, if you can get accustomed to the UGM-8's unwieldy recoil, it kills faster than just about every other gun in Warzone.

Best Guns In Warzone: Season 5 | Secondary Weapons



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When it comes to Secondary Weapons, the Diamatti Pistol is the clear-cut choice. The Cold War Pistol is an excellent sidearm in emergencies when there's no time to reload the Primary. Make sure to run with the best Warzone Diamatti loadout because equipped with the proper array of attachments, the Diamatti can contend up close with SMGs.

Unfortunately, Marksman Rifles, Shotguns, and Melee Weapons just can't compete in the current Season 5 Warzone meta, hence their absence from this list of best guns in Warzone.

Whether you're new to Warzone or a long-time player, anyone that seeks success on Caldera and Rebirth Island should make sure their loadouts incorporate the best guns in Warzone Season 5.

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