All Cache Locations In Warzone 2

All Cache Locations In Warzone 2
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13th Jan 2023 15:31

You might need a primer on the Warzone 2 Cache locations, as they are great ways to collect lots of high-quality loot quickly. Warzone 2 is all about getting the best loot as quickly as possible, and Al Mazrah is home to lots of areas where you can collect powerful weapons, armour, money, and more. This gives you a much better chance of being one of the final few players, allowing you to get that coveted win. So, check out our rundown of the Warzone 2 Cache locations.

Warzone 2 Cache Locations

Warzone 2 Cache Locations
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The Warzone 2 Caches are circular hatches that can be found all across the map, both on the ground and under the water. Interacting with them will open them up so you can collect the loot inside, which typically consists of up to $3500, and a range of weapons, killstreaks, armour, tactical equipment, and lethal equipment.

They are a quick way to collect some useful gear, but they can be hard to spot in such a big map, and other players are usually on the hunt for them too. These Caches are concentrated in some parts of the map far more than others, with areas like Cemetery, Al Malik Airport, and Oasis featuring a large amount of them.

Warzone 2 Cache Locations map
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If you want a breakdown of all the currently known Cache locations, check the image above, which highlights all of the discovered ones in Al Mazrah. We recommend you learn some of the locations by heart, as it can be useful to know where you're guaranteed to get some loot.

They are especially useful after winning a Gulag and getting back into a game, but there's rarely a time when visiting a Cache won't help you out.

That's all for our rundown of where you can find the Warzone 2 Cache locations, and now you know where to find all of the currently discovered ones.

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