When Does Jailbreak Happen In Warzone 2?

When Does Jailbreak Happen In Warzone 2?
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26th Jan 2023 10:54

You might be wondering 'when does jailbreak happen in Warzone 2?' if you're looking for a consistent means back into the field outside of the gulag. Numbers can mean everything in Warzone 2, and having an extra teammate brought back from the dead could be the difference maker in the final moments. So, to shed some light on the question 'when does jailbreak happen in Warzone 2' make sure to read the rest of this guide below.

When Do Jailbreaks Happen In Warzone 2?

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Jailbreak in Warzone 2 is unfortunately completely random and can happen at any point. There is no guarantee that they happen in every match too, so don't go into the final moments of the match expecting your spectating teammate to be brought back to life.

There is also no way to tell that a jailbreak will happen in your matches until the indicator actually appears, so you won't be able to make any clever moves based on that knowledge. As it is an action that brings dead players back to life though, you will typically only see it happen late into each match, as there need to be enough players to make the event be worth it. Not really much fanfare if the jailbreak only brings back one player is there?

How To Use The Jailbreak In Warzone 2

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To make use of the jailbreak in Warzone 2 you need to be both dead and spectating one of your teammates. When the announcement appears that a jailbreak is happening you will shortly be transported back into the plane and ready to be deployed onto the map.

You will spawn as if you were a fresh player - the same as re-entering from the gulag - so you will need to quickly kit up as the game will be ending soon.

You can of course take advantage of this as a player still in the game when the jailbreak happens, as those re-entering at as very easy targets as they're dropping and when they land. Deny your opponent's fresh advantage by stamping it out as soon as it arrives.

That should be all you need though if you were wondering 'when does jailbreak happen in Warzone 2?' You might be also asking 'can you turn off proximity chat in Warzone 2?' Find out the answer and more in our guide.

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