Will There Be A Warzone 2 Beta?

Will There Be A Warzone 2 Beta?
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Coleman Hamstead


29th Sep 2022 10:28

The hype around the upcoming Warzone 2.0 is building, so naturally, many in the community are wondering if there will be a Warzone 2 Beta. Warzone 2 is an entirely new iteration of Call of Duty's Warzone battle royale. Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 will release in unison and share the same customisation and progression. With that said, will there be a Warzone 2 Beta?

Warzone 2 Beta: Warzone 2 Release Date

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Warzone 2's official release date is set for November 16, 2022, shortly after Modern Warfare 2 launches.


Will There Be A Warzone 2 Beta?

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As things stand, it looks as if there will not be a Warzone 2 Beta. The Modern Warfare 2 Beta has been and gone, and there was never an option to play Warzone 2. Furthermore, the developers have made no indication that Warzone 2 will be made available to try out before its November 16, 2022, release date.

While the chances are slim, we can't completely rule out the possibility of a surprise Warzone 2 Beta announcement. The MW2 Beta obviously focused on Modern Warfare 2, but the Warzone 2 menus and playlists were accessible in the Beta too — the servers just weren't running. And we know Warzone 2 is in a playable state, as we saw with Call of Duty: Next where they showcased the Warzone 2 map, Al Mazrah, Warzone 2 Strongholds, and other Warzone 2 new features.

So, a Warzone 2 Beta isn't out of the question, but we don't recommend getting your hopes up. It's disappointing to find out that we likely won't get to try out Warzone 2 or the Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode. However, that merely means it'll be a completely fresh experience when we finally do get our hands on these exciting Call of Duty game modes.

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