Shipment Easter Egg Has Already Been Found In Ashika Island Warzone 2 Map

Shipment Easter Egg Has Already Been Found In Ashika Island Warzone 2 Map
Infinity Ward

Written by 

Jack Marsh


1st Feb 2023 16:34

Infinity Ward's love for Shipment shows no boundaries, as the developer worms the eight crates into its games at every opportunity. Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 have been no different.

Having already been remastered six times, the map found its way into both the multiplayer regions of the recent CoD era and that of Warzone 2, hiding in an offshore boat just for the ships and giggles.

Now, the developer has continued its weird relationship with the map, carting it around like a toddler and their teddy bear - sneaking it into the new Ashika Island map. 

Shipment Has Been Found In Ashika Island Already

Having just been revealed on January 31, the Ashika Island map boasts quite a range of POIs designed to hide weapons and yourselves as you gear up for your gunfights.

However, one specific POI is quite familiar. While Castle is obvious, there's another, as the Shipwreck area appears to replicate Shipment.

The familiar layout with four parallel crates in the centre and another four acting as perpendicular outside cover seems to be visible on the released tactical map... even if it's slightly skewed.

Warzone 2 Fans Mock Infinity Ward's Shipment Obsession

Following the leak, fans have now laughed at the developer's obsession with Shipment, claiming that it will now feature in a different variant each season.

Season 1 saw Shipment in its raw state, but the Reloaded update then brought tinsel and Christmas decorations to the map to redesign it. Now, fans have joked that each mid-season update will see a new Shipment map released, starting with Season 2's beach variant followed by S2 Reloaded's Valentine's day rig-out.

Despite the jokes, Modern Warfare 2 fans have started to worry that it could come as one of the "new" maps, given that Castle is now out.

One thing seems to be certain, though: if the end-game of Ashika Island gets down towards Shipwreck, there will be some very tense gunfights in the ultimate 1v1 showdown map.

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