V Rising Cloaks: How To Get Them, What They Do

V Rising Cloaks: How To Get Them, What They Do
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V Rising cloaks are a part of the armour kit that often goes unmentioned. V Rising is an action RPG, meaning you will need to consistently upgrade your weapons and armour. One piece of gear that doesn’t come up as often is the cloak, as little about this armour piece is explained in the tutorial. Here is what you need to know about V Rising cloaks.

V Rising Cloaks: What Do They Do

V Rising Cloaks: What they do
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In the grand scheme of things, cloaks aren’t the most crucial aspect of your amour. They don’t grant much in the way of protection, and they don’t affect your overall level. However, for a vampire, the cloak is arguably the most important armour of all. There are different tiers of cloaks and there are more buffs as you go up through the tiers, but the most basic cloaks will grant a boost to your maximum health and a certain degree of protection from the sun.

There is no way to entirely mitigate the damage caused by the sun, unless they make the sun a boss you can kill in a future update, so having a bit of protection from its harmful rays is a devilsend. What’s more, higher tier cloaks grant even more protection from the things vampires hate the most. Garlic, silver, even holy damage can be reduced with a strong cloak. While cloaks are not generally considered part of an armour set, they are crucial for keeping your vampire safe from all that ails them.


V Rising Cloaks: Where To Get Them

V Rising Cloaks: How to get them
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There are two main sources of cloaks in the game. Like most armour, you can craft cloaks at your workbench. You will need plenty of V Rising leather, as well as rarer materials the further up the tiers you go. You will be able to craft the basic Traveller’s Wrap early on, with upgrades to that coming later as you progress.

The other source of cloaks is finding them in V Rising golden chests. These rare loot chests appear somewhat randomly in certain locations. If you ever see a golden chest out in the world, be sure to open it and check what it has. The contents are almost certainly valuable, and you can often find a powerful cloak or an interesting V Rising helmet in there.

That is everything there is to know about V Rising cloaks. For more tips on the game, check out our best V Rising abilities guide.


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