V Rising Razer Hood And Razer Cloak: How To Get Razer Cosmetics

V Rising Razer Hood And Razer Cloak: How To Get Razer Cosmetics
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Dave McAdam


1st Jun 2022 17:39

V Rising Razer hood and Razer cloak are some new armour items recently added to the game. V Rising is still in early access, and new changes are coming all the time. The latest patch mentioned these two new Razer items, causing players to search fervently for them in the game. Here is everything we know about the V Rising Razer Hood and Razer Cloak.

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How To Get V Rising Razer Hood And Razer Cloak

V Rising Razer Hood and Razer Cloak: How to get them
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Finding these new items can be a bit confusing, as there seems to be no way to guarantee their acquisition. Players have reported these items dropping from chests, enemies, bosses, and even from fishing. So it would seem that the how and where of getting the Razer Hood or the Razer Cloak is completely random, and based on luck.

Your best bet is to play on as you normally would, defeat plenty of enemies and open lots of chests. Hopefully, before long the items will drop for you.


V Rising Razer Hood And Razer Cloak: Stats And Tiers

V Rising Razer Hood and Razer Cloak: stats of the items
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As good as these items look, their stats are also very important. The Razer Hood is like all headwear, no stats but it certainly looks good. This item is purely cosmetic so there is no need to worry about losing an important armour slot to a gimmick item. There is more to be said about the Razer Cloaks though.

Yes, Razer Cloaks, there is more than one. There are three tiers of Razer Cloaks, which one you get depends on where you pick it up. Early on it will be equivalent to Nightstalker armour, the second tier is similar to Hollowfang gear, then finally tier three has stats like Dawnthorn armour. The higher the tier, the better your Razer Cloak will be. Tier one cloaks grant a boost to maximum health and some sun resistance. Tier three gives even more of both and includes resistances to garlic, silver, fire and holy damage.

These items are effectively just cosmetics, visual swaps for existing items with stats comparable to the armour you can find regardless. Still, who doesn’t want to be a glowing green vampire?

That is everything there is to know about the V Rising Razer Hood and Razer Cloak. For more on the game, check out our guide to finding the best V Rising base locations.

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