V Rising Leather: How To Get Leather In V Rising

V Rising Leather: How To Get Leather In V Rising
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19th May 2022 14:03

V Rising leather is an important resource that you will need plenty of. V Rising tasks players with creating a vampire character, and crafting the things they will need to survive a harsh world. Leather, a staple of crafting and survival games, is one of the resources you are going to need a lot of to succeed as a vampire. Here is what you need to know about V Rising leather.

  • Leather is just one of many resources you need in the game, for more info check out our V Rising iron ore guide.

V Rising Leather: How To Get It

V Rising Leather: Where to get it
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In V Rising, Leather isn’t something you pick up from the ground, it isn’t a resource you gather like Wood or Stone. Leather is a processed material made from Animal Hide. To start making Leather, you are going to need to make some progress in the game. Follow the main quest, as it teaches you the basics of the game. Eventually, you will be tasked with taking down a boss called Keely the Frost Archer.

You will need to be about level 20 for this fight, but once you defeat her you will get the blueprint for a Tannery. This is the structure you need to build in your castle to start producing Leather. Use the refinement build menu to construct your Tannery. It will cost 8 Planks and 160 Animal Hides to build, but once done you can start processing animal hides into Leather.


  • Leather is important, but what you will really need a lot of is V Rising paper.

V Rising Leather: What It Is Used For

V Rising Leather: Why do you need it
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Leather is important because it is a fundamental ingredient for armour. You will want plenty of Leather as your progress through the game, as you will need to continue to create new armour. The game bases your character level on the quality of your equipment, so better armour directly increases your level.

Much more importantly, you want new armour because you’re supposed to be a sexy vampire and you can hardly do that in basic duds. So get out there, get some Leather and fix that wardrobe!

That is everything you need to start producing your own V Rising leather. For more on the game, check out our is V Rising on Xbox and PlayStation.


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