V Rising Weapon Tier List: Best Weapons Ranked

V Rising Weapon Tier List: Best Weapons Ranked
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We have put together a V Rising weapon tier list to help you choose the right weapon for the job. V Rising gives players a smorgasbord of options in almost every scenario, weapons included. It can be difficult to know exactly which weapon you should use in a situation, so we are here to help you out. Learn more about which weapons to use in our V Rising weapon tier list.

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V Rising Weapon Tier List: Best To Worst

V Rising Weapon Tier List: Tier list of weapon types
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Speaking purely in terms of general use, here are the weapon types in tiers.

Ranking Weapon
S Sword
A Reaper/Spear
B Slasher
C Mace
D Axe
E Crossbow


As we will discuss further in this guide, the different weapon types exist to suit different situations. However, you might want to focus on just one or two weapons, to prevent them from clogging up your precious inventory space. To this end, we recommend the Sword overall. It is the most versatile weapon; useful in single combat, against multiple enemies, and when gathering resources.

The rest of the weapons are in order of most generally useful, although there are situations where each is well suited. The Mace isn't great in combat, but it will smash rocks to bits. The Crossbow can really only be recommended for those playing in a group, where others will take up the role of a melee fighter.

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V Rising Weapon Tier List: Weapon Types

V Rising Weapon Tier List: weapon types
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Let's go over the various weapon types in the game. Every weapon type has different purposes and functions. Some weapons will be great for combat, some are more suited to collecting resources. The seven weapon types are Sword, Spear, Mace, Axe, Reaper, Slasher, and Crossbow.

Swords and Spears are primarily useful in combat. Swords are great for groups of enemies, whereas Spears are ideal for fighting big, singular creatures. These two weapons are a great example of what you need to consider when choosing a weapon; the Sword has wide arcs that can damage multiple enemies or catch one on the move, and the Spear does more damage but in a narrow area.

The mace and the axe are viable weapons, each with its own abilities. However, as you will read in their descriptions, they are best suited for other tasks. The mace is great for quickly breaking rocks or destroying stone structures. Axes, fittingly are your go-to for chopping down trees. Neither are useless in combat, but their strengths lie elsewhere.

The Reaper and the slasher are more bespoke weapons. The Reaper has the widest reach, best suited for large groups of enemies. It can be thrown, and it will spin in place dealing damage over time. The reaper is your best tool for crowd control. If you fancy something a bit sneakier, slashers are what you need. These dual blades give you a lightning-quick dash-in, dash-out attack, as well as the ability to turn invisible.

Finally, you have the Crossbow. This is the one and only ranged weapon in the game, it is slow to fire to account for the fact that it keeps you out of danger. This weapon is best paired with melee-focused clanmates, as enemies will likely close the distance between your shots if you fight alone with it.

V Rising Weapon Tier List: Best Weapon

V Rising Weapon Tier List: weapon situations
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In almost any combat situation, the Sword is perfectly suited. It will cut through groups of enemies like butter and do near-maximum damage to single targets. The Spear just ekes out the difference when fighting a boss, with a bit more damage than the sword. The Axes and Mace do respectively more damage at respectively slower speeds, they generally aren’t worth using over the Sword but not by such a margin that makes them detrimental to use, if they just happen to be your favourites.

The Reaper is the weapon you want to use for large groups of enemies. What’s more, it is a lot of fun to swing that massive scythe around like Death itself. If you would rather be Creeping Death, the Slashers will let you do just that. These weapons aren’t as functional as the Sword or Spear, but they are a lot of fun to use.

If there is a definitive best weapon in the game, it is certainly the Sword. It is at the top of the weapon tier list for a good reason. It has high damage, it can hit one target or multiple, and crucially, you can move while attacking. The Sword is your best friend in almost any scenario, so if you want to stick with one weapon, the Sword is the one to choose. 


V Rising Weapon Tier List: Weapon Abilities

V Rising Weapon Tier List: weapon abilities
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Each class of weapon has unique abilities, and this is where the fun really begins. Here are each of the weapons and their two abilities explained.


Whirlwind: A spinning AoE attack that deals 35% damage in all directions.

Shockwave: Launch an enemy into the air, activate again to teleport to the enemy and deal more damage.


Thousand Spears: Rapid stabs with the spear, dealing damage to enemies in range. Activate again to end the attack with a thrust that knocks back enemies.

Harpoon: Fire a harpoon which impales enemies and reels them in.


Crushing Blow: Leap attack that slams the ground, dealing huge damage in an area.

Smack: Deal damage in an area in front of you, knock enemies back and briefly incapacitate them.


Frenzy: A dashing attack that if it hits an enemy, grants 30% more attack speed and 25% movement speed.

X-Strike: Throw both axes in an arc, dealing damage and slowing enemies. Enemies hit by both axes are incapacitated for two seconds.


Tendon Swing: Arc-shaped attack that does huge damage to all enemies caught in it, knocking them back and snaring them.

Howling Reaper: Throw the weapon out to a point where it spins in place, damaging all enemies caught in the area.


Elusive Strike: Dash forward and immediately back, doing damage and slowing enemies in your dash range.

Camouflage: Disappear for six seconds and gain 25% movement speed.


Rain of Bolts: Fire bolts into the air that rain down in an area.

Snapshot: Fire a shot that deals reduced damage, but snares enemies and interrupts their attacks.

There you have it, our V Rising weapon tier list. For more useful tips on the game, check out our V Rising boss locations guide.


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