Where To Find Pistola In The Knight Witch

Where To Find Pistola In The Knight Witch
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After officially upping your status in the Hanging Castle, you might be wondering where to find Pistola in The Knight Witch, as you are given rather vague directions. While there is a definitive set of missions you need to complete in The Knight Witch, there are a selection of side missions that increase your link and subsequently your powers, making them very handy to complete. So, carry on reading the rest of this guide if you want to see where to find Pistola in The Knight Witch, as we have all the details down below.

Where To Find Pistola In The Knight Witch

Rayne and Pistola in The Knight Witch
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Being officially certified as a Knight Witch means that you can now pick up various side questions from people inside the Hanging Castle. When speaking to the two knights you rescued earlier on in the game, they mention one of their friends - Pistola - has been left behind and needs to be rescued. They mention that Pistola is in the general vicinity of your house, but it is up to you from then on to complete the mission.

Pistola map location in The Knight Witch
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You will first need to make your way through the Town Market, until you reach the Hall of Giants once again. If you don't remember where your house is, it can be found all the way in the bottom left, in the third room of the area.

Once you've reached the house, head below to find a lovely dog - this is Pistola! While you might have initially thought that their lost friend was another soldier, it is in fact their trusty pet.

While speaking to Pistola is lovely at first, they, unfortunately, attract the attention of a tricky ambush, which you will have to surpass if you want to get the dog to follow you back home. Once you've managed to defeat the ambush though, speak to Pistola again, and then head back to the Hanging Castle to reunite them with the soldiers.

Doing so will increase your Link with Pistola, hopefully levelling you up and giving you the opportunity to increase either your weapon or your mana.

So, that's everything you need to know if you were wondering where to find Pistola in The Knight Witch. If you're still unsure about how to dash in The Knight Witch though, make sure to check out our guide for all the details.

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