How To Dash In The Knight Witch

How To Dash In The Knight Witch
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28th Nov 2022 15:27

Figuring out how to dash in The Knight Witch is one of the most important things you can do, as it not only makes combat encounters easier, but it also unlocks new routes too. As The Knight Witch is a Metroidvania-style game, abilities are progressively unlocked to allow you to deal with enemies and traverse in different ways as the game progresses. So, to find out how to dash in The Knight Witch, make sure to check out the rest of this guide down below.

How To Dash In The Knight Witch

Dash location on the map in The Knight Witch
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While it is listed in the controls, and available in the tutorial section, you do actually need to unlock the dash ability in The Knight Witch. As you are still in the process of becoming a Knight Witch in the first section of the game, you don't quite have all of your powers yet, so you will need to progress through the game in order to learn new abilities.

In order to unlock the dash ability in The Knight Witch, you must find Faruru in the Giga Tree. This is the first area that you will head to after officially becoming a Knight Witch, so you won't have to wait too long to get your hands on the power.

Faruru can be found in the room above and to the left of the machine with the four metal roses. She will ask you to retrieve a seed that will destroy a growth in the tree, and that can be found two rooms to the right. Return once you've retrieved the seed, and you will be granted the dash ability as a reward. 

If you were wondering how to actually pull off the dash though, all you need to do is press L1/LB. There is a frankly negligible cooldown that you won't even notice on the ability, and it can be used as many times as you want, which is great. If the default button doesn't suit you well though, you can remap it completely in the settings menu.

What Does Dash Do In The Knight Witch?

Dash description in The Knight Witch
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The great thing about the dash in The Knight Witch is that it is not just restricted to use within combat. You might have noticed the various tree roots restricting your path up until this point, but now you've got your hands on the dash you'll be able to go straight through them and open up new paths and areas.

Furthermore, it can also be used to bypass the various lasers that populate a lot of the rooms, and can obviously be used to dodge and manoeuvre around various enemy projectiles too. You're definitely going to want to master the ability if you have any aspirations of finishing the game.

So, that gives you all the information you'll need if you were wondering how to dash in The Knight Witch. Keep your eyes peeled for more content surrounding The Knight Witch in the future on GGRecon.

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