The Cycle Frontier: How Many Players In A Squad?

The Cycle Frontier: How Many Players In A Squad?
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23rd Jun 2022 17:00

In The Cycle Frontier, how many players in a squad is often what defines success, leading you to better loot, stronger monsters, and more extractions. When playing The Cycle Frontier you’ll always be aware that someone could be lurking behind you, so having an extra set of eyes can make raids so much easier. So, if this all appeals to you and you’re wondering how many players in a squad in The Cycle Frontier, then make sure to keep on reading for all the answers below.

The Cycle Frontier: How Many Players In A Squad

The Cycle Frontier How Many Players In A Squad
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The maximum number of players in a squad in The Cycle Frontier is three at the moment, but you can also embark onto Fortuna III with just one other player, and solo too if you’re more of a lone wolf.

You can play across both Steam and Epic Games, so your squad isn’t limited to the launcher you’re currently playing on either. All you need to know is how to add friends in The Cycle Frontier, and then you’ll be ready to go.


You must launch at the same time though, as your friends can’t join you once you land on The Cycle Frontier map, so make sure your whole squad is all prepared before you set off. Furthermore, if any of your squad die in raid then that’s them gone until you all either extract or die also. You can pick up their stuff though if they’ve not insured it and give it back to them when you relaunch the next time - if you’re kind enough that is. 

Playing in a squad is a great way to get better at The Cycle Frontier if you’re struggling to tackle some of the harder challenges. Not only are you generally stronger as a group, offering crossfires for each other, and covering multiple angles, but you can also observe the movements of your friends too and learn from that. Overall, if you’ve got friends willing to play with you, there is very little reason not to squad up. Just make sure not to accidentally shoot your squad mates in the head, as that can cause quite the argument when they see who it was that killed them.

So, that’s everything you need to know about The Cycle Frontier how many players in a squad, giving you all the info to get equipped and ready for takeoff with your team. If you’re wanting to maximise your skills though, why not also check out our The Cycle Frontier best settings guide to up your framerate, and have a smoother experience.

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