The Cycle Frontier Biological Sampler: How To Find And Use

The Cycle Frontier Biological Sampler: How To Find And Use
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20th Jun 2022 17:15

The Cycle Frontier Biological Samplers are a rare item that is valuable for crafting and earning you Faction Points between your drops onto the surface of Fortuna III. Various items in the Cycle Frontier have different rarities associated with them, with rarer items typically worth more money and having more important uses. The Cycle Frontier Biological Sampler is an example of an item that's rare and definitely worth seeking out, so here's where you can find them. 

How To Find The Cycle Frontier Biological Sampler

How To Find The Cycle Frontier Biological Sampler bright sands
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How To Find The Cycle Frontier Biological Sampler crescent falls
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As a rare loot, it can be hard to track down Biological Samplers consistently, but we've highlighted the best locations to find them above. Any region with high-tech labs and bases in them offers the best chance at finding them. They are found inside of hidden stashes and medical crates, with the latter offering the best drop rate. It's worth noting that most of the areas that they are found in are high traffic areas, so you'll need to watch for other players. 

The Cycle Frontier Biological Sampler Uses

The Cycle Frontier Biological Sampler Uses
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Biological Samplers have a few uses that makes them worth seeking out. Each one is worth 750 Krypto Marks, maxing out at 7500 with a full stack of ten. They don't have the best value per weight, meaning other items are worth farming if you're looking to make funds.


The best uses for the Biological Samplers are earning Faction Points and crafting. If you're looking to increase your rank with a specific faction, these are one of the best items in the game for doing so. Crafting-wise, they are a key ingredient for making Combat Stims -  along with the Cycle Frontier Waterweed Filament - which heal you and let you stay in the fight longer. 

That's all for our breakdown of the Cycle Frontier Biological Sampler, and now you know where to find them across the game's two maps, along with what their best uses are. 

We also have a primer on how to track down the Cycle Frontier Loose House Key, which is one of the best ways to access an early-game secret room. 

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