The Cycle Frontier Data Drive: How To Find And Use

The Cycle Frontier Data Drive: How To Find And Use
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The Cycle Frontier Data Drive is an important item for a particular quest and a useful but risky way of earning Krypto Marks while on the surface of Fortuna III. There are a tonne of different objectives you can take part in during the Cycle Frontier so that you can earn resources to continue gaining power and progressing through the game. So if you're looking for a rundown of what to do once you find the Cycle Frontier Data Drive, we'll show you. 

How To Get The Cycle Frontier Data Drive

How To Get The Cycle Frontier Data Drive
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There are two main ways of acquiring a Data Drive in the Cycle Frontier. You can purchase one for fairly cheap from the ICA marker once you're back in orbit, or it can be found in briefcases, cabinets, and safes on the Fortuna III surface. When you purchase or find one it will be in the common variety, which is pretty much useless, but they can be upgraded through the rarity tiers up to legendary. One of the game's quests will task you with upgrading one to uncommon, but for the most part you will want to get them to legendary for the big Krypto Mark reward. 

How To Upgrade The Cycle Frontier Data Drive

How To Upgrade The Cycle Frontier Data Drive
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Once you've found a Data Drive, to upgrade it you will need to navigate toward one of the two Uplift Towers, or the Comms Tower - all three of which are marked on the map above. If you make your way to the console connected to these towers, you will be able to insert a drive and upgrade it to the next rarity tier.


The first upgrade from common to uncommon will allow you to complete the level 12 ICA faction objective, rewarding you with 260 FP, 31 ICA Scrip, and 19,000 Krypto Marks. This first upgrade also takes a total of 30 seconds to complete, with each subsequent upgrade adding another 30 seconds, meaning the time between epic and legendary will be 120 seconds total. 

While you are upgrading a Data Drive, the tower's lights will begin to blink, which can signal players of your presence. This makes every upgrade risky, and if you intend to fully upgrade the drive, it's worth equipping a sniper and carefully scouting your surroundings. Hiding from the console and using it to bait players in is also a valid strategy that can work on unsuspecting players. 

Once the Data Drive has been upgraded, you can take it back to the vendors in orbit and sell it for a tonne of Krypto Marks. 

That's all for our walkthrough of how to upgrade the Cycle Frontier Data Drives, and now you know where to find them and what use they have in-game.

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