The 10 Best Decals In Rocket League

The 10 Best Decals In Rocket League
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Jack Marsh


23rd Jan 2023 17:32

There's no point being the best in Rocket League if you're rocking a simple Octane car with a matte blue or orange colouring. Flexing out the most ingenious car design is part and parcel of Rocket League, so you need to know which decal to use to spice up your body.

There's a whole catalogue to choose from though, so what are the best decals in Rocket League? Well, here's a list to make your life a bit easier and find some unique and stunning decals in Rocket League.

The 10 Best Decals In Rocket League

10 - Yonders Fleece

Few decals on this list will be static, with most being reactive, but the Yonders Fleece decal is one of Rocket League's smartest still designs. Based on one of the Fortnite characters, Yonder's Fleece revolves around EDM music and a colourful dance floor.

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9 - Iced

The first reactive decal on the list is Iced, and whereas others might be a bit more flamboyant later down the line, Iced is a great decal for low-key players who prefer a slight edge of tranquillity in their Rocket League car designs. The glaiced-over decal adds a watery effect underneath to make the illusion of a river flowing underneath an ice cap.

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8 - Constella

Astronomical aerial shooters of the past might have opted for the Interstellar decal, depicting a cluster of galaxies and planet clouds through your car.

However, Constella is the cuter and simpler version of this, focusing on the stars and constellations that will have you soaring through the air with ease and feeling right at home in the skies.

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7 - Season 12 Ranked Rewards (Silver)

The first-ever ranked decals go incredibly hard, and the Silver variant tops the lot of them. Typically, the higher the rank, the better the reward, however, with the Season 12 (legacy) rewards, the Silver decal combines black and grey to make a sleek and dark reactive design that looks much better than it ever intended to.

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6 - Kingtress

While Kingtress doesn't shimmer in the light, the neon undertones of this 3D design make it quite appealing. The colour palettes that are explorable on this design make it quite unique too, and combined with a painted car, there's so much room for creativity and personality here.

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5 - Nike FC 2022 - Multicolor

The last static decal on the list is the Nike FC 2022 - Multicolour, which is a DLC skin that comes as part of the World Cup 2022 collaboration. In comparison to the other decals in the bundle, all of which were nice, this one stands out for its shimmering colours which look specifically good in-game on ball cam.

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4 - Fire God

Most people might fancy Fire God to be the best decal in Rocket League, but it's now becoming somewhat of a cliche. Having once been some form of flaming deity, this decal is now being snapped up and repped by a lot of players, meaning it's losing its element of surprise. Still, it's a pretty hot decal.

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3 - Mainframe

As the third-best decal in Rocket League, Mainframe might be the most popular. The design is ever so simple and involves a gradient colour being highlighted with a simple electricity pulse, like being plugged into a mainframe.

The decal is really easy to customise and with the right colour pairings, it can rival any decal to be the cleanest on offer.

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2 - 20XX

20XX is the landmark decal in Rocket League, and used to be its own currency as to how valuable other tradeable decals were. For example, a mainframe was worth 0.5 20XX's.

What's so unique with this decal is that no matter what colour you have as Primary/Secondary, you'll always have random other colours swooping through the slashes making it completely unique.

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1 - Dissolver

The best Rocket League decal ever is Dissolver. It's simple, elegant, reliable, customisable, personal, and an overall pleasure to look at. The decal works with every colour combination and paintwork, and will look even better in-game with your oscillating bonnet banging in goals for fun.

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The best decals in Rocket League might not float tour boat though, and you can always opt to simply sport your favourite RLCS teams with their esports decals instead.

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