Tekken 8 Super Ghost Battle explained

Tekken 8 Super Ghost Battle explained
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Dave McAdam


25th Jan 2024 00:00

Curious about the new Tekken 8 Super Ghost Battle mode? Tekken 8 has some of the best learning and training features in any fighting game available today, and this feature goes above and beyond.

Super Ghost Battle allows you to play the game against much stronger AI opponents, giving you invaluable experience before heading online. Here is a rundown of everything this new feature can do to help you improve.

What is Super Ghost Battle?

The arcade machine where Super Ghost Battles are started
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Super Ghost Battle is an advanced AI opponent that learns how you fight and replicates your style. As you play it learns how you move, which attacks you use, and how you use them. Then it turns all of that into an AI opponent who fights like you do.

The mode unlocks after making a bit of progress through Arcade Quest. It can be accessed through the Final Round destination in Arcade Quest, or from the main menu in Offline Modes.

Fighting your own Ghost is an excellent way to learn and improve. Being on the receiving end of your own style of play is a great way to see what works and what doesn't.

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How to use Ghosts

As mentioned, once you train your own Ghost you can then play against it to your heart's content. You simply need to go to Super Ghost Battle, interact with the arcade machine, and then select the character you want to play against.

By playing against your Ghost you can fill gaps in your game, which the Ghost will then also learn to do, meaning you need to keep improving if you want to keep beating your Ghost. It is a perpetual cycle of learning that will help you become a much better Tekken player.

That said, playing mirror matches (Kazuya vs. your Kazuya Ghost for example) can be an issue when learning a character. If you make mistakes, your Ghost will pick up on them, and it may take some time for the Ghost to unlearn those mistakes.

The options in the Super Ghost Battle menu, including your ghost, downloaded ghosts, and cpu ghosts
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If you play against a Ghost of a different character than who you are playing, the Ghost won't learn any new data from you as you train and you don't have to worry about teaching it bad habits. Use this method if you're experimenting with new ideas, then go for the mirror match when you want to test yourself.

You are not limited to your own Ghosts either, as you can also play against the Ghosts of other players. There is a list of CPU Ghosts of a wide range of characters and ranks for you to test yourself against. Also, when playing online against others you can download the Ghosts of other players in a Fight Lounge and practice against them to see how you stack up.

Seek out similarly skilled players, higher level players, even professionals and take on their Ghosts. There are multiple ways to use Ghosts as training tools, make use of each of these methods to up your game and you could be a Tekken pro in no time.

That is it for our rundown of Super Ghost Battle. For more info, head to our Tekken homepage where we have guides on how long it takes to beat the single-player modes, the customisation options, and a storyline recap to catch you up on the plot.

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