Tekken 8 ranks list explained, how to rank up & Tekken Prowess

Tekken 8 ranks list explained, how to rank up & Tekken Prowess
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Tekken 8 retains the ranking system that the games have had for a long time now. Tekken players are often recognised by how far they manage to climb in the ranks, denoting their skills in the game.

Make sure to check out the full ranks list below, an explanation of Tekken Prowess, as well as a rundown of what it takes to climb higher in the rankings.

Tekken 8 ranks list

Rank Points required
Beginner 0
1st Dan 400
2nd Dan 1,000
Fighter 1,600
Strategist 2,600
Combatant 3,400
Brawler 4,200
Ranger 5,400
Cavalry 6,400
Warrior 7,400
Assailant 9,200
Dominator 10,800
Vanquisher 12,400
Destroyer 14,700
Eliminator 16,600
Garyu 18,500
Shinryu 23,100
Tenryu 27,300
Mighty Ruler 31,500
Flame Ruler 36,500
Battle Ruler 41,100
Fujin 45,700
Raijin 52,300
Kishin 58,500
Bushin 64,700
Tekken King 70,900
Tekken Emperor 79,100
Tekken God 87,900
Tekken God Supreme 97,300
God of Destruction 109,700

The list is mostly the same as what players will remember from previous games, but a big change from Tekken 7 is the removal of the 7 "Kyu" ranks that ran between Beginner and 1st Dan.

Symbols for the first twenty ranks in Tekken 8
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How to rank up

To increase your online rank in Tekken 8, you need to play Ranked Matches. By winning matches you will gain points based on the skill difference between you and your opponent. The higher the level of your opponent, the more points you stand to gain.

Likewise, you can lose points when you lose matches, and potentially be demoted to a lower rank. Make sure you are ready for the ups and downs of Ranked Play before you jump on by practising in Player Matches and Super Ghost Battle.

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In Tekken 8, you can achieve ranks both in local and online play. Both modes use the same system where you must acquire points to move from one rank to the next. As you can see in the table above, each rank has a points requirement that must be met.

You gain points for winning matches, and you can lose points if you are playing a Ranked Match while playing online. You do not lose points for offline matches, as your offline rank is more of a measure of your experience with the game than your skill. You can unlock achievements and trophies by increasing your offline rank in modes like Arcade Quest, so it is worth doing.

That said, your online rank is the most important rank for determining your skill as a player. This, alongside your Tekken Prowess score, shows players how good of a player you are.

What is Tekken Prowess??

Tekken Prowess is a stat that is largely based on ranks, which denotes the player's overall progress through the ranks. Exactly how Prowess is calculated is a bit vague, but a big part of it is determined by the ranks you have achieved across the roster.

The Tekken Prowess stat in Tekken 8
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Your Prowess will increase as you climb the ranks, but you might find it stagnate if you stick to just one character. If you have ever found yourself coming up against other players of similar ranks with significantly higher Tekken Prowess, this likely means they have achieved high ranks with many different characters.

Ranks are tied to individual characters, meaning an experienced player would appear at a very early rank when starting a new character. This is why Tekken Prowess is so useful, it shows you how much or little overall experience a player has. 

For more handy info, our Tekken homepage has plenty of guides like a rundown of the customisation options, how to unlock alternative outfits, and how to unlock the secret ending.

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