How many chapters are in Tekken 8 story mode?

How many chapters are in Tekken 8 story mode?
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26th Jan 2024 13:31

Curious about how many chapters there are in Tekken 8's story mode, The Dark Awakens? Tekken 8 greatly expands the single-player content available in previous games, led by the new story mode that tells the tale of Jin and Kazuya's final battle.

Tekken 8's story is made up of different chapters, and the game doesn't actually tell you how many there are until you get to the end - so here's a rundown of all the ones you'll play through. 

How many chapters are in Tekken 8?

There are 15 chapters in Tekken 8's story mode. Most of them are quite short, and tend to consist of no more than one or two fights alongside some cutscenes.

The chapter select screen in Tekken 8
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Some of the more important chapters go on for longer, so you shouldn't judge how long it will take to beat the game from the first few alone.

Story mode chapter list

The names of the chapters are:

  • Chapter 1: Evil Stars Collide
  • Chapter 2: Wayward Power
  • Chapter 3: A Ghost from the Past
  • Chapter 4: Unrelenting Ambition
  • Chapter 5: A Fate Decided by Fists
  • Chapter 6: The Devil Progenitor
  • Chapter 7: Despair
  • Chapter 8: Humble Beginnings
  • Chapter 9: A Promise
  • Chapter 10: All-Out Assault
  • Chapter 11: For the Hope of Tomorrow
  • Chapter 12: A Heart Bound in Chains
  • Chapter 13: Awakening
  • Chapter 14: Clash Above the Heavens
  • Chapter 15: Strength and Conviction

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Arcade Quest chapter list

The Dark Beyond is not the only story mode in Tekken 8, as Arcade Quest also has a list of six chapters to work through. Each chapter of Arcade Quest takes you to bigger and better arcades, all the way to the Champion Cup.

The final chapter of Tekken 8's Arcade Quest
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The chapters in Arcade Quest are:

  • Chapter 1: New Friendships
  • Chapter 2: Playing Away
  • Chapter 3: Quest for Beauty
  • Chapter 4: The Ultimate Party
  • Chapter 5: To The Proving Grounds
  • Chapter 6: The Long-Awaited Stage

For more guides, check out our Tekken 8 homepage, where you can get caught up on the story so far, how to unlock the secret ending, and a rundown of what the endings mean.

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