Full list of All Tekken 8 trophies & achievements

Full list of All Tekken 8 trophies & achievements
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6th Feb 2024 17:10

If you want to be the champion of the King of Iron Fist Tournament in Tekken 8, then you’re going to need to collect all the trophies and achievements the game has to offer to truly claim the title.

Whether you’re climbing the online ranks or throwing yourself into the story (and not into a volcano) there are plenty of trophies to be had in Tekken 8, and we’re to help you get them all.

SPOILER WARNING: This guide may contain story spoilers, so proceed at your own risk if you want details in the game to remain a surprise.

How many achievements are in Tekken 8?

Reina in Tekken 8
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In total, there are 47 trophies and achievements to collect in Tekken 8, including the coveted Platinum trophy for PlayStation players. You’ll find the rarity of these trophies broken down below:

  • Platinum: 1
  • Gold: 3
  • Silver: 9
  • Bronze: 34

All trophies in Tekken 8

Lili in Tekken 8
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How to unlock

A fight is about survival.

Acquired all trophies.

What a rush!

Performed 5 Heat Bursts. (Excluding offline player battles)

I’ll give you a rematch anytime, guv.

Won a Player Match.


Play a total of 10 online battles of any kind.

Come, humanity! Unleash the dogs of war!

Finished Chapter 1 of The Dark Awakens.


Finished Chapter 15 of The Dark Awakens with Jin Kazama victorious.


Finished Chapter 15 of The Dark Awakens with Kazuya Mishima victorious.

This should be fun.

Finished 5 Character Episode stories.

Power isn’t everything.

Finished 10 Character Episode stories.

Congrats on the victory!

Won the Arcade Quest Gong Tournament.

The fists reveal a fighter.

Fought against your own Ghost.

A new star in the rising world of TEKKEN!

Won the Arcade Quest Kobushi Dojo Tournament.

Get ready for the next battle!

Finished Arcade Quest.

(Initiating Analysis)

Defeated 10 CPU Ghosts in Super Ghost Battle.


Defeated Harada_TEKKEN in Super Ghost Battle.

All is vanity.

Defeated a player’s Ghost.

I’ll put an end to this.

Finished Arcade Battle

Do you want to learn Marshall Arts?

Completed 5 Combo Challenges

(This one’s in the bag!)

Practiced with the tips on in Replays & Tips.

That was too easy!

Achieved a perfect victory. (Excluding offline player battles)


Achieved a great victory. (Excluding offline player battles)

Behold, the fruits of my labors.

Dealt 70+ damage in an air combo. (Excluding offline player battles)

(That’s how a true champion fights!)

Dealt 20 Rage Arts. (Excluding offline player battles)

Your fate is already decided.

Activated Heat 5 times with a Heat Engager. (Excluding offline player battles)

Fear my wrath.

Dealt 20 Heat Smashes. (Excluding offline player battles)

You think you can stop me?

Performed 10 Heat Dashes. (Excluding offline player battles)

Under the divine protection of Sirius.

Healed an overall total of 500 damage in recoverable health. (Excluding offline player battles)

I aspire to greater heights!

Got promoted to Brawler.

I’m actually pretty strong.

Got promoted to Warrior.

There’s no way you can stop me.

Got promoted to Vanquisher.

Performed a Hard Floor Break. (Excluding offline player battles)

Resuming mission.

Performed a Wall Blast. (Excluding offline player battles)

Sorry for getting rough back there.

Performed a Wall Bound. (Excluding offline player battles)

Just relax. You can do it.

Won a Ranked Match.

(You never learn.)

Performed a Floor Blast. (Excluding offline player battles)

How do you take your coffee?

Reach the lowest area of the Ortiz Farm stage. (Excluding offline player battles)

My moves are way faster than yours.

Performed 20 Devilish hits in Tekken Ball. (Excluding offline player battles)

Your money is my money!

Obtained an overall total of 10,000,000G

You’re in for it now!

Saved a customer character in Character Customisation.

Please don’t tell my father.

Won a Group Match.

Let the blistering sands consume you.

Triggered 10 Tornados. (Excluding offline player battles)

Come on, just try and kill me.

Performed a Hard Wall Break. (Excluding offline player battles)

No pain, no gain!

Dealt 2000 damage in Practice mode.

Now it’s time to destroy you.

Dealt an overall 1000 damage while in rage mode. (Excluding offline player battles)

You aren’t alone anymore.

Finished Chapter 7 of The Dark Awakens.

I’ll live on, together with my sins.

Finished Chapter 12 of The Dark Awakens.

I would do well to follow your example.

Achieved a 30-hit chain during Operation Rebellion in The Dark Awakens.

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That’s everything you need to know about all the trophies and achievements in Tekken 8 and how you can unlock every one of them!

If you’re looking for more from the King of Iron Fist Tournament, be sure to check out our Tekken homepage where you’ll find guides like how to turn off Special Style and tips on how to block.

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