Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5 Monsters Attack: Glitched Out release date, changes, & more details

Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5 Monsters Attack: Glitched Out release date, changes, & more details
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6th Mar 2023 16:34

Teamfight Tactics set 8.5 is the next mid-set update coming to change up the game. Teamfight Tactics fans have been playing the new Monsters Attack! mode for a while now. Set 8.5 looks to update the mode and add some fresh new features. Here is everything you need to know about Teamfight Tactics set 8.5 Monsters Attack! Glitched Out!!

Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5: Release date

Teamfight Tactics set 8.5: Artwork from Monsters Attack
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Players who have been enjoying all the Monsters Attack! content do not have too long to wait for more. The mid-set update is coming to the game on Wednesday, 22 March, alongside the release of Patch 13.6. This gives players a couple more weeks to wrap up anything they want to do in the game as it is.

For curious players, or anyone who wants to get some practice in with the new features, the 8.5 update will be added to the PBE alongside Patch 13.5, on 8 March.

Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5: All new features and changes

Teamfight Tactics set 8.5: artwork from Monsters Attack
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New Set 8.5 Augments

    • (Ult-Ezreal Carry) Temporal Disruption
      • Gain an Ultimate Ezreal. His Ability causes enemies struck to burn for 2% of their Health every second and have their healing reduced by 33% for the rest of combat.
  • (Garen Carry) Full Power to Sword
      • Gain a Garen. His ability costs 40 less Mana to cast and deals additional damage equal to 80% of his Attack Damage, but no longer stuns.
  • (Jhin Carry) Rule of Four
      • Gain a Jhin. Every 4 enemies he kills each combat, he drops 7 gold. He occasionally also drops an item component.
  • (Aatrox Carry) Deathbringer
      • Gain an Aatrox. His Abilities deal additional damage equal to of his Maximum Health.
  • (Twisted Fate Carry) Ante Up
      • Gain a Twisted Fate. Every 20 cards thrown, your strongest Twisted Fate drops 1 gold. Every 200 he drops an item component instead.
  • (Warwick Carry) Well Fed
    • Gain a Warwick. When you field him your team gains 50 Maximum Health. This is increased by 1 every 2 times your strongest Warwick attacks.

New Set 8.5 Traits

  • Origins
    • A.D.M.I.N. - programs a custom configuration per player each game.
    • Anima Squad - members pose after champion kills, increasing their fame. Each point of fame grants 5 permanent Health to each Anima Squad member.
    • Corrupted - Fiddlesticks starts combat dormant. When ally champions die during this time, Fiddlesticks absorbs their soul granting him 40 Ability Power. After falling below 70% Health or when all allies have died, Fiddlesticks comes alive
    • Gadgeteen - Every round, Gadgeteens generate a random modified weapon that can be equipped by any unit. These weapons are powerful, but not durable, and fall apart after 1 round of use. Gadgeteens gain bonus damage and damage reduction for each item equipped to them but will not make new items to replace items left on the bench.
    • InfiniTeam - The InfiniTeam opens a portal to an alternate timeline. At the start of combat, any InfiniTeam unit placed on a portal summons an alternate version of themself with different items. They get 1 for each Augment you own.
    • Laser Corps - When a LaserCorp agent attacks or is hit by an attack, their combat drone deals magic damage to the agent's target (0.4-second cooldown). When an agent dies, their drone is reassigned to the nearest living agent.
    • Mecha: PRIME - Use the Mecha selector item to choose a PRIME. Combat start: the PRIME combines with the 2 nearest Mecha, absorbing 90% of their Health.
    • Ox Force - Ox Force units gain bonus defences. Once per combat, when they would drop below one health, they instead go to one health and become immune to damage for 1 second.
    • Parallel - Underground Ezreal learns from his older, more handsome self and joins him in future adventures. Underground Ezreal's spell becomes a blast that hits all enemies in a line. Ultimate Ezreal's spell summons two additional temporal duplicates.
    • Riftwalker - Riftwalkers open a gap between dimensions and summon their ally Zac, who grows in power based on the star level of Riftwalkers. Zac gains the last-listed Trait of the closest Riftwalker.
    • Star Guardian - Whenever Star Guardians gain mana, they gain more.
    • Supers - Supers strike a pose at the start of combat, granting allies 18% bonus damage. For every three-star unit on your team, the bonus damage % is increased by 3%.
    • Threat - Threats are more powerful than other units. You may field any number of Threats, but they do not gain bonuses for being fielded with other Threats.
    • Underground - The Underground must sneak through the sewers and crack 10 locks to open a vault. When the vault opens, you may choose to take the loot now, or attempt another heist for even better rewards.
  • Classes
    • Ace - This trait is only active when you have exactly 1 or 4 unique Aces. Execute enemies under 15-30% health.
    • Aegis - All allies gain bonus Magic Resist. Aegis units gain more.
    • Brawler - Brawlers gain additional maximum Health.
    • Defender - Innate: Shortly after the start of combat, Defenders taunt nearby enemies. All allies gain bonus Armor. Defenders gain more.
    • Duelist - Duelists' basic attacks grant them bonus attack speed, up to 12 stacks.
    • Forecaster - Janna grants a different buff to all adjacent allies depending on the current weather, which changes every game.
    • Hacker - Hackers gain omnivamp and summon a H4ckerr!m. Any unit placed in the rider hex will be sent to the enemy backline and is untargetable for the first 2 seconds of combat.
    • Heart - When Heart units cast their spell, all allies gain stacking Ability Power for the rest of combat.
    • Mascot - When Mascots die, they retreat to the sidelines to cheer on their team. Allies regenerate a percentage of their maximum health every 2 seconds, increased by 1% for each cheering Mascot. Mascots regenerate double this amount.
    • Prankster - Pranksters spawn a target dummy, when they would first fall below 50% health.
    • Quickdraw - After every 2 damaging ability projectiles, Quickdraw units fire a bonus ability projectile.
    • Renegade - Renegade units deal bonus damage. The last Renegade standing deals more.
    • Spellslinger - Every 5 seconds, the next attack instead fires a magic orb at a random target, which explodes for 50% Ability Power as magic damage.
    • Sureshot - Combat Start: Sureshots gain bonus Attack Damage now, and every 4 seconds.

New Set 8.5 Champions

  • Fiddlesticks
  • Janna
  • Deus Ex Machina
  • Mordekaiser
  • Nunu
  • Syndra
  • Ultimate Azreal
  • Urgot
  • Aatrox

New Set 8.5 Gadgeteen Items

  • Shroud of Even Still-erness
    • Combat start: Shoot a beam that increases the maxiumum Mana of affected enemies by 35% until they cast. Additionally, affected enemies have their Attack and Movement Speed slowed by 20% for 1.5 seconds. Self-destructs after 2 combats. [Unique - only 1 per champion]
  • Induction-Powered Warmog's Armor
    • Grant Health 600 bonus Health. Regenerate 0.5% max Health per second. Self-destructs after 2 combats.
  • Gadget-Slayer
    • Grant AD 20% bonus Attack Damage and AP 20 bonus Ability Power. If the target has more than 1 maximum Health, deal 25% more damage with Abilities and attacks. Self-destructs after 2 combats.
  • Chainsword Bloodthirster
    • Grant 20% Omnivamp. Once per combat: At 40% Health, gain a 25% maximum Health shield that lasts up to 8 seconds. While the shield is active, the holder gains 40% AD. Self-destructs after 2 combats.
  • Spring-Loaded Rapid Firecannon
    • Grant AS 30% bonus Attack Speed and Range 3 Attack Range. Attacks cannot miss. Self-destructs after 2 combats.
  • Jump-Started Spear of Shojin
    • Grant Mana 30 bonus starting Mana and AP 20 bonus Ability Power. Every 3rd attack restores Mana 10 additional Mana. Self-destructs after 2 combats.
  • Magnetized Ionic Spark
    • Enemies within 2 hexes have their Magic Resist reduced by 50%. When they cast an Ability, they are zapped for magic damage equal to 185% of their maximum Mana. Every 4 seconds, the holder taunts all enemies in range to attack the holder. Self-destructs after 2 combats. [Direct damage item]
  • Overclocked Sunfire Cape
    • Grant Health 150 bonus Health. Every 1 second, an enemy within 3 hexes is burned for 10% of their maximum Health as true damage over 10 seconds, and receive 30% reduced healing for the duration. Self-destructs after 2 combats. [Unique - only 1 per champion]
  • Hand of Nondeterministic Justice
    • Grant 2 effects: AD 25% Attack Damage and AP 25 Ability Power. 15% Omnivamp. Self-destructs after 2 combats.

Set 8.5 Item Changes

  • Guardbreaker
    • Replaced Banshee's Claw.
    • Grant 15% bonus Attack Damage and 15 bonus Ability Power. Abilities and attacks deal 25% more damage to shielded enemies.
  • Sparring Gloves
    • Sparring Gloves grants +20% Crit Chance, Dodge removed.
  • B.F. Sword
    • B.F. Sword gives 10% Attack Damage instead of flat AD.

Other Set 8.5 Changes

Glitched Out - new feature

  • STAGE 2 Carousels are always glitched. Glitched Carousels will include other things than Champions with single-item components such as:
    • Champion duplicators, loaded dice, 2-item components, etc.
    • NO Champions at all but Armory Item Anvils or Tome of Traits

Those are all the changes coming in Teamfight Tactics set 8.5. For more updates on the game, stick with GGRecon.

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