TFT update 13.7 patch notes: Trait changes, bug fixes & more

TFT update 13.7 patch notes: Trait changes, bug fixes & more
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29th Aug 2023 19:00

If you want to stay up-to-date with all of the latest Trait changes, bug fixes, and more for update 13.7 in TFT, we've got the patch notes for everything you'll need to know.

Like many other Riot games, TFT is updated regularly in an attempt to keep the game as balanced and stable as possible. While not always the biggest, these patches often tweak your favourite Units, Augments, and more while fixing bugs that have cropped up since the last update dropped in the game.

We've got everything that has been included in the latest update for Teamfight Tactics below, so keep reading for a full rundown of what's arriving in patch 13.7.

Teamfight Tactics update 13.7 patch notes

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Here are all of the changes, adjustments, and fixes that are arriving with the TFT update 13.7 patch notes:

System changes

  • Grey Orb: Lesser Duplicator to Lesser Duplicator + 1g
  • Blue Orb: Lesser Duplicator & 3g to Lesser Duplicator + 2x Two Costs
  • Gold Orb Spatula to Spatula + 2g
  • Immortal Bastion: Players start with 115 health
  • Stillwater Hold: Whenever you would be offered an augment, gain a completed item anvil instead
  • Yorick’s Graveyard: Now correctly grants items on all players’ deaths
  • Yorick’s Graveyard: Now can correctly grant uncraftable emblems, and can no longer grant items rolled by Thiefs Gloves
  • Yorick’s Graveyard: Can now correctly grant items that were on the player’s item bench

Trait changes

Big changes

  • Bastion Armor & MR: 25/55/100/240 to 25/50/95/240
  • Rogue: Improved the consistency of Rogue dashes
  • Rogue: If Katarina takes damage that brings her to full Mana and below the Rogue Health threshold, she will dash to the backline before casting
  • Rogue: If Katarina already began throwing her daggers before dropping below the Rogue Health threshold, she will resolve her entire spell first before dashing to the backline instead of dashing to the backline and then blinking back to her dagger’s position
  • Strategist HP Shield: 200/350/500/800 to 250/400/600/900
  • Targon Heal & Shield Increase: 20/40/70% to 18/35/60%
  • Void: Baron Nashor power decreased in Stage 4 by 5%
  • Void: Baron Nashor power increased in Stage 5 and 6 by 10%

Small changes

  • Noxus Health: 170/340/600 to 170/340/700
  • Noxus AD & AP: 17/34/60 to 17/34/70
  • Sorcerer max HP% explosion: 10/10/12/20% to 7/10/12/20%

Unit changes

Big changes

Tier 1

  • Malzahar Malefic Visions Damage: 185/280/420 to 205/310/460
  • Renekton HP: 600 to 650
  • Renekton max Mana buff: 50/120 to 50/110

Tier 5

  • Bel’Veth Royal Maelstrom AD ratio: 60% to 65%
  • Bel’Veth Royal Maelstrom base Damage: 15/25/50 to 18/30/50
  • K’Sante: Now heals himself for 10% of his maximum Health on cast
  • Ryze (Bandle City) no longer stars up units to his star level, except at 3-star
  • Senna Dawning Shadow AD ratio: 190/200/2000% to 235/250/2000%
  • Senna Dawning Shadow shield amount: 250/325/4000 to 200/275/4000
  • Senna at 3-stars, now grants significantly more Attack Speed per shield with her Redeemer trait

Little changes

Tier 1

  • Cho’Gath Feast max HP damage ratio: 12% to 14%
  • Jhin Ionia AD Bonus: 20% to 25%
  • When Jhin’s cast target dies, he’ll now retarget to the nearest enemy instead of the furthest

Tier 2

  • Soraka: When her Astral Infusion heal target dies with remaining stars, the stars will transfer to striking the closest enemy of a nearby ally

Tier 3

  • Ekko Phase Dive Damage: 290/435/710 to 300/450/725

Tier 4

  • Nasus Attack Speed: 06 to 065
  • Shen Mana nerf: 70/140 to 70/150

Tier 5

  • Heimerdinger at 3-stars will now always throw his enlarged grenade at the centre of the board This allows him to hit many more units

Augment changes

Big changes

  • Binary Airdrop items will fit the champion’s role slightly better
  • Birthday Present Gold: 1 to 2
  • Demacia Crown Item Granted: Guinsoo’s Rageblade to Recurve Bow
  • Final Grab Bag Gold: 12/15/0 to 10/12/0
  • Lucky Gloves number of Brawler’s Gloves: 2 to 3
  • Scrappy Inventions gain a component at the start of the next 1 stage to 2 stages
  • Scrappy Inventions Max Upgraded Components: 4 to 5

Little changes

  • AFK Gold: 18 to 20
  • Balanced Budget III Gold: 10 to 11 (Total: 40 to 44 gold)
  • Final Reserves gold is now vacuumed slightly faster
  • Inconsistency gold granted by the Augment is now spawned visibly on your Tactician
  • Radiant Relics now additionally grants a Magnetic Remover
  • Shimmering Inventors Damage Amplification per 10g: 8% to 7% (Damage Cap: 40% to 35%)
  • Tons of Stats Health: 55 to 35

Item changes

  • Infinity Edge AD%: 30% to 35%

Radiant Items

  • Demonslayer Damage Amp: 70% to 60%
  • Guinsoo’s Reckoning Starting AS: 30% to 20%
  • Luminous Deathblade AD: 120% to 125%
  • More More-ellonomicon Max HP% Burn: 2% to 3%
  • More More-ellonomico AP: 45 to 40
  • Rabadon’s Ascended Deathcap AP: 125 to 140
  • Spear of Hirana Mana on Attack: 8 to 10
  • Spear of Hirana AP: 50 to 45
  • Sunlight Cape Health: 350 to 300
  • Titan’s Vow Armor & MR at Max Stacks: 50 to 60
  • Zenith Edge AD: 55% to 65%

Game mode changes

Double Up

  • Minimum time to reinforce increased by 3 seconds This should not be very noticeable outside of cases where a player plays 0 units, triggering an instant reinforcement

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused both the Kaiju model in "Monsters Attack!" Arena and the hair for BP Nemesis Nimbefoot T3 to exclusively show the Corrupted elements This fix went actually went live in 1316 but was not recorded
  • Units on the Tournament of Souls' board are no longer missing shadows on some graphics settings This fix actually went live in 1316 but was not recorded
  • Yorick’s Graveyard now correctly grants items on all players’ deaths
  • Yorick’s Graveyard now can correctly grant uncraftable emblems, and can no longer grant items rolled by Thiefs Gloves
  • Yorick’s Graveyard can now correctly grant items that were on the player’s item bench
  • Fixed an issue where Bruisers were not immediately getting the correct amount of bonus Health after being starred up
  • K’Sante no longer remains Mana locked for an additional 05 seconds after knocking an enemy off the battlefield
  • Spooky shops: Fixed a bug where shop highlights would consider enemy units when you fought a ghost army
  • Fixed another bug that prevented Pandora’s Bench and Recombobulator from rolling Ryze
  • Using a Reforger on a unit holding only the Crown of Demacia in Double Up will now bounce the Reforger rather than consuming it
  • Too pumped up to read: Pumping Up III now displays the correct value for current attack speed on the Augment card

That wraps up all of the changes that are arriving with the TFT update 13.7 patch notes - make sure to read them all to ensure that you're prepared for when it drops!

You should also check out our TFT homepage, as we've got plenty more news and guides if you love Riot's auto-battler.

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