TFT update 14.5 patch notes, Crab Rave, buffs, nerfs & more

TFT update 14.5 patch notes, Crab Rave, buffs, nerfs & more
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6th Mar 2024 11:38

The TFT update 14.5 patch notes have arrived, and we've got the full rundown here.

This update for the game features a host of balance changes, primarily buffs, as well as a major change to Crab Rave. Check out everything that's new down below!

Or if you'd like to see when new patches are planned, we've got a patch notes schedule for you to check out.

TFT update 14.5 patch notes: The short version

The hype for the next set - Inkborn Fables - is real, but that doesn't mean Set 10 isn't getting any more meaningful updates. There are lots of balance changes this time, including a fun Crab Rave change.

For balance changes, Ezreal is receiving a nerf while many other units are receiving buffs. There's also a new buff to Moshers to encourage people to reach Mosher 8.

And just like League of Legends, the new anti-cheat Vanguard is being tested in the Philippines region to evaluate performance. It'll make its way to all Riot regions in a few weeks.

Systems, Portals and Traits

The patch rundown for TFT 14.5.
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Loot Distribution

  • All players now get the same tier (quality) of loot, and the same amount of orbs, at the same time even if those contents differ.
  • Contents of orbs scale as the game goes on
  • Orbs have been re-balanced to meet the parameters of their tiers
  • We’ve now introduced a Prismatic Orb (it’s the most powerful one)
  • With our new Prismatic Orbs, we’re re-introducing a consumable, the Masterwork Upgrade, which when used on a unit opens an armory containing Radiant versions of that unit's craftable completed items. Upgrade the item you choose to its Radiant equivalent, and unequip it.
    • Grey Orbs can contain things like: 2 gold and an Item Remover early game, or a 3-cost champion mid to late game.
      Blue Orbs can contain things like: Two 3-cost champions early game, or an Item Remover and 8 gold in the mid to late game.
    • Gold Orbs can contain things like: A Spatula, 4 gold, and an Item Remover in the early game, or a 5-cost and 13 gold in the late game.
    • Prismatic Orbs can contain things like: A Greater Champion Duplicator and 12 gold in the early game, or a Tome of Traits + 5 gold in the late game, OR our new Masterwork Upgrade and 5 gold in the late game.
    • Gold and Prismatic Orbs will not appear in Stage 1.


Something has happened to Crab Rave… The Crab Rave Portal now has its own track. Spoiler Alert… It's “Crab Rave.”

For our creators - Monstercat will not copyright strike your channel(s). However, if you use “Crab Rave” without a Monstercat Gold subscription, you'll receive a claim. This will not harm your channel, but it means that advertising revenue from your video will go to the label and the artist involved with the song.


  • Big Shot Base AD: 10/18/30% >>> 10/20/40%
  • Edgelord Attack Speed: 30/45/70% >>> 30/55/85%
  • EDM Damage Base: 90/100/110/130% >>> 90/110/120/135%
  • EDM Zac Base Frequency: 9 >>> 8 sec
  • KDA Stats Increase: 9/15/24/40% >>> 9/15/27/45%
  • Mosher added 8 Piece
  • Mosher 8: 125% Attack Speed and 30% Omnivamp

Units & Bug Fixes

Jhin from TFT Set 10.
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Tier 1 Units

  • Corki AD: 48 >>> 50
  • Corki AS: 0.7 >>> 0.75
  • Evelynn HP: 550 >>> 650
  • Evelynn Mana buff: 30/90 >>> 30/75
  • K’Sante Spell AD%: 800% >>> 999%
  • Tahm Kench AD: 70 >>> 88
  • Tahm Kench Spell Passive Damage Reduction: 12/15/25 >>> 12/18/33

Tier 2 Units

  • Aphelios Mana buff: 40/135 >>> 40/110
  • Garen Mana buff: 40/90 >>> 40/80
  • Garen Spell AD%: 160% >>> 180%
  • Gnar AS: 0.65 >>> 0.75
  • Gragas Spell Damage: 190/285/440 >>> 240/360/555
  • Gragas Spell Healing: 500/575/650 >>> 500/625/750

Tier 2 Units

  • Neeko Shield Percent of Ally Copied: 6% >>> 8%
  • Neeko Spell Damage Percent of Shield: 70/90/115% >>> 90/110/140%
  • Samira AS: 0.7 >>> 0.75
  • Samira Base Spell AD%: 240/240/250% >>> 300/300/310%

Tier 2 Units

  • Blitzcrank AD: 60 >>> 90
  • Blitzcrank Mana buff: 60/120 >>> 50/110
  • Ezreal Mana nerf: 0/40 >>> 0/45

Tier 2 Units

  • Jhin starting Mana buff: 0/50 >>> 30/50
  • Jhin Grand Finale Rifles Base AD%: 60/60/444% >>> 66/66/444%
  • Kayn Mana buff: 0/50 >>> 0/40
  • Kayn Rhaast (losing form) HP Restore on killing 2 champions: 1 >>> 2
  • Kayn Shadow (winning form) Gold on killing 2 champions: 3 >>> 5


  • Neeko: 200 HP and plus 40 Mana to cosplayed ally >>> 200 HP and plus 60 Mana to cosplayed ally

Bug Fixes

  • Radiant Adaptive Helm properly applies only 1 bonus at the start of combat.

That just about does it for this TFT patch!

For more TFT updates, check out our homepage. Additionally, take a look at what we thought of Inkborn Fables in our preview for TFT Set 11, the newest set to come to the game. Or view our patch notes schedule here to see when new updates are planned to launch.

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