All Champions & traits in TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble

All Champions & traits in TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble
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7th Nov 2023 18:00


The new TFT set Remix Rumble has a whole new host of Champions and musical traits to learn. We've compiled the full list of all units and traits below so you can see every single new one introduced in this set.

I had a great time playtesting this new set ahead of release, and if you're interested you can read our full impressions here. This set has loads of awesome new units and traits, and they all have a musical theme.

We've listed each champion's traits and abilities, as well as organised them by cost. So for more on TFT's new traits and characters, keep reading! 

1 cost Champions

Yasuo from TFT Remix Rumble.
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Champions Traits Ability
Annie Emo/Spellweaver After casting 4 times, gain 40% attack speed and target 1 additional enemy with casts.
Corki 8-bit/Big Shot Deal physical damage to enemies in 1 hex and Wound them.
Evelynn K/DA/Crowd Diver Deal magic damage to the current target. Gain 50% attack speed and restore health for 4 seconds.
Jinx Punk/Rapidfire Minigun attacks grant Attack Speed. Rocket launcher attacks deal bonus physical damage. Active swaps between weapons.
Kennen True Damage/Superfan/Guardian Discharge 3 jolts over 3 seconds. Each jolt deals magic damage and stuns.
K'Sante Heartsteel/Sentinel Enter a defensive stance, reducing damage taken by 2.5 seconds. Then deal physical damage to the current target.
Lillia K/DA/Superfan/Sentinel Deal magic damage to enemies and heal Lillia and her nearest ally.
Nami Disco/Dazzler Deal magic damage to the current target and stun them.
Olaf Pentakill/Bruiser Heal on attack, and gain attack speed for every 1% missing health.
Tahm Kench Country/Bruiser Each instance of damage taken is reduced by a percentage.
Taric Disco/Guardian Gain a shield for 4 seconds. Taric's next 2 attacks deal bonus magic damage.
Vi Punk/Mosher Deal physical damage and stun the current target, reducing their Armor for the rest of combat. Deal damage instead if the target has more health than Vi.
Yasuo True Damage/Edgelord Deal damage. If the target dies, gain 2% AD permanently.

2 cost Champions

Bard from TFT Remix Rumble.
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Champions Traits Ability
Aphelios Heartsteel/Rapidifre Fire a blast at the current target. Stun the unit hit, and if they are dead stun the adjacent units for 1 second instead.
Bard Jazz/Dazzler Play a tune of 4 random notes that can deal damage, heal allies or generate gold.
Garen 8-bit/Sentinel Gain max health. Garen's next attack deals physical damage.
Gnar Pentakill/Superfan/Mosher Leap over the current target and transform. Subsequent casts deal physical damage to the current target.
Gragas Disco/Bruiser/Spellweaver Heal over 2 seconds then deal magic damage to adjacent enemies and Chill them for 3 seconds.
Jax EDM/Mosher Leap at the highest health enemy and deal magic damage to them, then deal magic damage to all adjacent enemies. Gain AD and AP for the rest of combat.
Kai'Sa K/DA/Big Shot Dash up to 2 hexes and fire a missile at the current target.
Katarina Country/Crowd Diver Throw a blade that bounces 3 times, dealing magic damage and applying Wound.
Kayle Pentakill/Edgelord For 5 seconds, attacks deal bonus magic damage in a wave behind the target and Shred for 4 seconds.
Pantheon Punk/Guardian Reduce damage taken. Afterwards, deal physical damage to the 3 enemies who dealt the most damage to Pantheon.
Senna True Damage/Rapidfire Fire a blast of sound at the current target's location. It pulses 3 times, dealing magic damage to enemies within 1 hex.
Seraphine K/DA/Spellweaver Send a high note to the largest clump of units. It deals magic damage to nearby enemies and heals allies.
Twitch Punk/Executioner Deal physical damage to enemies within 1 hex of the current target. Deal to random enemies within 2 hexes 6 times, increased by 1 for each time the physical damage crits.

3 cost Champions

Urgot from TFT Remix Rumble.
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Champions Traits Ability
Amumu Emo/Guardian Stack armor up to 25 times. Deal magic damage to adjacent enemies.
Ekko True Damage/Spellweaver/Sentinel Deal magic damage to enemies within 2 hexes and stuns them, as well as gains a shield.
Lulu Hyperpop/Spellweaver Fire a bolt that deals magic damage. Every third cast, stun the 3 nearest enemies and deal magic damage to them instead.
Lux EDM/Dazzler Fire a beam at the farthest enemy, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit.
Miss Fortune Jazz/Big Shot Deal physical damage to the current target and closest enemy behind them. If either die, gain attack speed.
Mordekaiser Pentakill/Sentinel Gain shield and deal magic damage to adjacent enemies, then deal magic damage to nearby enemies.
Neeko K/DA/Superfan/Guardian Cosplay the highest health teammate and gain a shield. When it breaks, deal magic damage to adjacent enemies.
Riven 8-bit/Edgelord Gain shield and deal bonus physical damage to the target and enemies adjacent to them.
Samira Country/Executioner Attacks that crit grant a stack of Style, up to 6 stacks. Each stack grants attack speed. Deal physical damage to the current target, then physical damage for each stack.
Sett Heartsteel/Bruiser/Mosher Deal magic damage to the current target and enemies in a cone. Gaina  shield, increased by 1 for every 4 missing health.
Urgot Country/Mosher Convert bonus attack speed to AD. Attacks deal physical damage in a cone and grant Urgot 30% of the damage as a shield.
Vex Emo/Executioner Toss a shadow at the current target. It stuns enemies within 1 hex and deals magic damage to enemies within 1 hex.
Yone Heartsteel/Edgelord/Crowd Diver Gain stacking omnivamp for the rest of combat. Slash twice, dealing damage to enemies in a cone.

4 cost Champions

Akali from TFT Remix Rumble.
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Champions Traits Ability
Ahri K/DA/Spellweaver Blow a kiss at the current target. It deals magic damage and stuns them.
Akali K/DA/Breakout/Executioner Deal physical damage to the furthest unmarked enemy and mark them. Dash to every marked enemy and deal damage to them.
Akali True Damage/Breakout/Executioner Deal physical damage split between the three closest enemies three times. For each enemy that surives, refund mana.
Blitzcrank 8-bit/Sentinel Deal magic damage to a nearby enemy every 2 seconds, and gain a shield on active. Magic damage increases to every second for 5 seconds.
Caitlyn 8-bit/Rapidfire Shoot at the 4 furthest enemies. Shots deal physical damage to the first enemy hit.
Ezreal Heartsteel/Big Shot Blink away from the current target and deal damage to them. Every third cast, deal damage to all enemies in a line.
Karthus Pentakill/Executioner Deal magic damage to the 5 lowest health enemies. Gain 10 mana for each that dies.
Poppy Emo/Mosher Gain AD based on bonus health. Gain 80 armor and magic resistance for 6 seconds and hammer the nearest enemy 3 times. If they die, slam 2 more times.
Thresh Country/Guardian Stun the largest group of enemies and deal magic damage to them. Thresh heals for a % of the damage dealt.
Twisted Fate Disco/Dazzler Throw cards divided between the current target and 3 nearest enemies. They reduce magic resist by 1 and deal magic damage.
Viego Pentakill/Edgelord Slam on the nearest hex that would strike the most enemies, dealing damage and marking them. Marked enemies take 10% increased damage from all sources.
Zac EDM/Bruiser Bounce 3 times on nearby enemies. Each time, deal magic damage and stun them and heal.
Zed EDM/Crowd Diver Mark the current target and spawn an untargetable Shadow. After a brief delay or when the marked enemy falls below a specific health threshold, deal physical damage.

5 cost Champions

Sona from TFT Remix Rumble.
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Champions Traits Ability
Illaoi Illbeats/Bruiser Every 3 seconds Illaoi's tentacles deal magic damage to nearby enemies. On active, revive or fully heal the lowest health tentacle. Leap at the nearest enemy, deal damage 3 times in a circle and gain armor and magic resist.
Jhin Maestro/Big Shot If your bench has 4 Grand Finale Rifles, begin conducting instead of attacking. Each Rifle deals physical damage.
Kayn Heartsteel/Wildcard/Edgelord Dash, then deal magic damage to all adjacent enemies and Chill them. If Kayn only hits one target he immediately casts again.
Lucian Jazz/Rapidfire Fire shots toward the furthest enemy. Shots explode dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies and reduce armor.
Qiyana True Damage/Crowd Diver Copy the current target's items and throw them to an ally they'd look good on. Knock the target back and deal damage.
Sona Mixmaster/Spellweaver Send a beat to all allies and grant them a shield. Attacks send a beat to an ally.
Yorick Pentakill/Mosher/Guardian Summon headbanging zombies that pile towards the center of the board. Each deals physical damage three times. Zombies Sunder for 3 seconds.
Ziggs Hyperpop/Dazzler Throw a bomb at the current target that deals magic damage. It splits into bombs that Shred the target for 4 seconds. Each cast increases the number of bombs by 3.

All Traits in TFT Remix Rumble

A battle in TFT Remix Rumble.
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Here's a full list of all the new traits in TFT Remix Rumble!

Traits Description
8-bit Gain 5% AD and begin keeping score. When your team deals damage your score goes up and you gain more AD.
Country When your team loses a portion of their health, a Dreadsteed charges onto the battlefield and empowers your team.
Disco Gain a placeable Disco ball. On combat start and every few seconds, champions next to it gain stacking Attack Speed and are healed.
EDM Use the EDM selector to sample a champion.
Emo Emo champions have reduced maximum mana. Whenever an ally dies, Emo champions gain mana.
Heartsteel Earn Hearts by killing enemies. Gain more by losing. Every few player combats, convert Hearts into powerful rewards.
Hyperpop Grant mana and attack speed to the closest allies.
Illbeats Gain placeable Spirit Tentacles based on Illaoi's Star level. Tentacles gain her bonus armor and magic resist.
Jazz Your team gains bonus health and deals bonus damage for each active non-unique trait.
K/DA All units standing in lighted hexes gain stats. K/DA champions go All Out, which doubles these bonuses.
Maestro Jhin has an attack speed of 0.9 and converts 1% bonus attack speed into 0.5% bonus AD.
Mixmaster The Mixmaster chooses a mode to modify their attacks and ability.
Pentakill Pentakill champions deal more damage and reduce damage by 15%. When an enemy dies, empower a Pentakill champion.
Punk Gain bonus health and AD, increased by 1% each time you spend gold on a Shop refresh. The first refresh after each player combat costs 1 less.
True Damage Deal bonus true damage. True Damage champions holding items gain a unique Bling Bonus.
Wildcard If you win combat, Kayn becomes the Shadow Assassin. If you don't, Rhaast takes over instead. Shadow Assassin gains 3 gold and Rhaast provides 1 Tactician health.
Big Shot Gain AD. This is increased by 400% for 3 seconds when Big Shot champions use their ability.
Breakout Akali gains a new ability depending on whether you field more K/DA or True Damage champions.
Bruiser Your units gain health. Bruisers gain additional max health.
Crowd Diver Crowd Divers deal bonus damage, plus more each second.
Dazzler Dazzler abilities dazzle enemies reducing their damage by 25% and dealing a percent of the Ability's damage as bonus magic damage.
Edgelord Gain attack speed. When their target drops below a max health %, double it. Melee Edgelords slash through targets on their next target.
Executioner Executioner abilities can critically strike and they gain crit strike damage. As their target loses health, crit strike chance increases.
Guardian Once per combat at 50% health, Guardians shield themselves and their closest ally.
Mosher Gain attack speed and omnivamp, increased by up to a maximum based on their missing health.
Rapidfire Your units gain attack speed.
Sentinel Your team gains armor and magic resist. Sentinels gain double.
Spellweaver Your team gains AP, Spellweavers gain more.
Superfan Superfans improve your Headliner.

And that's all you need to know about the new units and traits heading to TFT in Remix Rumble. There are lots of champions and traits to try, and I had a blast experimenting with them in a playtest for the game. It'll be interesting to see which ones turn out to be the strongest after the set launches.

For more TFT, keep reading GGRecon. Or take a look at our list of the 10 best champions in the new set!

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