Everything we know about the TFT Set 3.5 Revival

Everything we know about the TFT Set 3.5 Revival
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8th Jan 2024 17:08

Here's everything we know about the TFT Set 3.5 revival, Return of the Stars. This is the first older set to return to TFT, and a lot has changed since it originally came out.

If you're like me, you missed your chance to play a few of the older sets, so set revivals could be an excellent way to experience them. Or if you're a fan of the classic sets in the game, you'll be able to revisit them with some modern enhancements.

Without further ado, let's take a look at all the details we currently know about TFT's first set revival.

When does the Set 3.5 revival launch in TFT?

Set 3.5 will officially return on January 24th for patch 14.2. It will remain playable until the end of patch 14.4, which will be on March 19th.

It's arriving as part of the Lunar Legacy event, and offers players the chance to revisit Set 3.5, Return to the Stars. 

What's different in the Set 3.5 revival?

A fight in TFT Set 3.5.
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While Set 3.5 will remain largely the same as it was originally, some changes are coming to modernise it. This includes the introduction of Augments, which have been a staple in TFT since Set 6.

The game has also been rebalanced a bit. Each Champion will now have 50 copies rather than the much smaller number we have currently. 5-cost units have new effects when they're 3-starred so they can properly dominate the game.

Galaxies were the set mechanic of Set 3 and Set 3.5. They've been changed to Portals to match the current state of TFT, and new ones have been added on top of returning ones.

You can read more about all the changes coming to Set 3.5, and why they were added, in this blog post.

Will Set 3.5 have ranked?

Sadly, Set 3.5 will not have ranked when it returns to the game in patch 14.2.

According to Mortdog, TFT's Gameplay Director, this is partly because the team is testing a lot of new things with this set revival, including the bag changes where Champions have a lot more copies available in the shop. He noted on his stream that players may be "surprised" by the bag changes.

Regardless, the set won't have ranked when it returns, so you'll only be able to play it in normals.

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