TFT update 14.9 patch notes, Artifacts, Support Items & more

TFT update 14.9 patch notes, Artifacts, Support Items & more
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Dani Cross


30th Apr 2024 19:00


The TFT update 14.9 patch notes are here, and it's a big one. We've got a list of everything changing in the game, including new Artifacts, Support Items and a variety of other changes.

In addition, Vanguard is finally rolling out for LoL and TFT, and changes have been made to player damage, shop roll odds and more. There's a lot to take in, so check out the full patch notes below.

Check out our patch notes schedule to see when new patches are planned to be released.

TFT 14.9 System Changes

TFT patch 14.9 highlights.
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With 14.9, Vanguard, Riot’s proprietary Anti-Cheat system will be deployed and active on the PC client. This means that active enforcement of Vanguard will be in effect and working hard to make sure your queues are free from scripters, botters, and cheaters! While that statement is more applicable to League of Legends, we expect TFT to also benefit long-term as Vanguard acts as a blocker for potential cheaters further down the road. We recently released a blog detailing the “why” behind bringing Vanguard to League that you can check out here. It’s a bit of a long read but it does have some pictures.

If you’re wondering what all you need to do to keep playing League of Legends (and TFT on PC), all you need to do is install Vanguard. If you do not have Vanguard installed when you launch the Riot Client or League it will prompt you to install Vanguard and then restart your system to ensure Vanguard is active. You will be unable to queue or play until Vanguard is installed and active.

DirectX 9 Depreciation

With 14.9 we will be ending DirectX 9 support for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. To maintain the stability and performance of our games we need to deprecate support for older hardware or software that isn't widely used by players anymore. If you're currently opted into using DirectX 9, the game will automatically disable this option when we remove the support. If you were running in DirectX 9 due to hardware incompatibility issues, we recommend upgrading your devices as soon as possible, so you may continue to play.

Player Damage

  • Stage Player Damage: 0/2/5/7/9/11/17/150 >>> 0/2/5/8/10/12/17/150

Leveling Costs

  • Level 8 to 9: 72g >>> 80g
  • Level 9 to 10: 84g >>> 80g

Shop Roll Odds

  • Level 8: 18/25/32/22/3 >>> 18/27/32/20/3
  • Level 9: 10/20/25/35/10 >>> 15/20/25/30/10


  • Ahri - Player Health: 15 >>> 10
  • Kayn - 5-4 Death Game appears more often
  • Ornn - Choose an Artifact appears more often
  • Cho’gath - Slots for Items appears less often
  • Diana - Salvage Bin appears less often
  • Irelia - Free Move Carousel appears less often
  • Neeko - Lesser Dupe Carousel appears less often
  • Teemo - Spatula Carousel appears less often
  • Wukong - Radiant Carousel appears less often
  • Wukong - Radiant Carousel can also no longer be Stage 2 Carousel
  • Khazix - Lower Cost XP for 3 Turns has been removed
  • Cho’gath - Duplicators has been removed
  • Neeko - Duplicator Carousel has been removed
  • Syndra - 2* 4 Cost Carousel has been removed

Artifact Anvils

  • Artifact Item Anvils are now pick 1 of 4 (were pick 1 of 3)
  • Portable Forge changed to pick 1 of 4 Artifacts and is available at all Stages
  • Removed the Augments Portable Forge+ and Portable Forge++ as they are no longer necessary

Traits, Champions & Items

An encounter in TFT.
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  • Arcanist Arcanist AP: 20/50/85/125 >>> 20/50/90/135
  • Arcanist Team AP: 20/20/40/125 >>> 20/20/50/135
  • Dryad Health per stack: 3/7/11 >>> 3/7/10
  • Dryad AP: 15/30/65 >>> 15/30/55
  • Duelist Attack Speed per stack: 5/9/13/18% >>> 5/10/14/18%
  • Fated Sett Omnivamp bonus: 12% >>> 15%
  • [BUGFIX] Fated Sett Omnivamp bonus no longer applies after resistance and only applies to damage from attacks and abilities.
  • Fortune 7 piece flat bonus 25 >>> 12
  • Fortune 7 piece average orb value 16 >>> 8
  • Fortune adjusted several cashout options.
  • Heavenly no longer scales with unit star levels.
  • Heavenly now gives 70% more stats to Heavenly units.
  • Heavenly Bonus stats: 100/115/135/165/200/225% >>> 100/110/125/145/170/200%
  • Heavenly Emblem Omnivamp bonus: 6% >>> 5%
  • Storyweaver Kayle on-hit damage: 15/30/40/90% AP >>> 15/35/45/90% AP
  • Storyweaver Kayle Scroll of Haste AS per stack: 5% >>> 6%
  • Umbral Execute threshold: 10/18/20/45% HP >>> 10/18/25/60% HP

Units: Tier 1

  • Darius Ability on-hit damage: 90/135/200% AP >>> 80/120/200% AP
  • Kog’Maw Ability damage: 160/225/315% AP >>> 160/240/335% AP

Units: Tier 2

  • Riven Ability damage: 150/150/155% AD >>> 190/190/200% AD

Units: Tier 3

  • Alune Attack Speed: 0.7 >>> 0.75
  • Bard AD: 50 >>> 55
  • Tristana AD: 55 >>> 60
  • Tristana Ability damage: 265/265/270% AD + 75/115/185% AP >>> 300/300/305% AD + 50/75/115% AP
  • Tristana Ability AD% buff: 50/50/60% >>> 40/40/50%
  • Volibear Ability healing: 140/170/210% AP >>> 150/180/240% AP
  • Zoe Ability damage: 275/415/640% AP >>> 290/435/695% AP
  • Zoe Ability ricochet damage: 90/135/215% AP >>> 95/140/225% AP

Units: Tier 4

  • Kayn Armor/MR: 70 >>> 60
  • Morgana Ability damage: 265/400/1600% AP >>> 265/400/2000% AP
  • Morgana is now more likely to cast her ability at clumps of enemies.
  • Syndra Ability starting butterflies: 7/7/10 >>> 8/8/10

Units: Tier 5

  • Lissandra Health: 1200 >>> 1100
  • Lissandra Ability loot chance: 50% >>> 40%


  • Over Encumbered Bench Slots: 2 >>> 1
  • Pumping Up I Base AS: 8% >>> 6%
  • Triforce I HP: 100 >>> 150
  • Big Gains Base HP: 80 >>> 100
  • Built Different HP: 220/300/380/480 >>> 220/280/340/400
  • Built Different AS: 40/45/50/55% >>> 35/40/45/50%
  • Call to Adventure Stats Per 2 Takedowns: 12 HP & 2 AP >>> 18 HP & 3 AP
  • Dragon’s Spirit Healing per component: 8000 >>> 7000
  • Dynamic Duo 15g >>> 20g
  • Learning to Spell base AP: 10 >>> 18
  • Mind Over Matter continues to be disabled until we can ship a fix next patch
  • Pandora’s Items II now gives 2 random components instead of a random completed item.
  • Raining Gold base Gold: 9 >>> 8
  • Slammin+ base XP Gain: 12 >>> 10
  • Accomplice 4g >>> 2g
  • Build a Bud 6g >>> 8g
  • Call to Chaos Gold: 66 >>> 58
  • Call to Chaos XP: 70 >>> 64
  • Call to Chaos Three Star 3 Cost + 10g >>> Three Star 3 Cost + 20g
  • Going Long 8g >>> 10g
  • Infernal Contract has been disabled 8*(
  • Portable Forge changed to pick 1 of 4 Artifacts and is available at all Stages.
  • Removed Portable Forge+ and Portable Forge++


Here's a list of the new Artifacts coming to the game:

  • [NEW] Talisman of Ascension: Health: 400, Attack Damage: 20%, Ability Power: 20. After 18 seconds gain 100% max Health and 150% increased damage for the rest of combat.
  • [NEW] Corrupt Vampiric Scepter: Attack Speed: 50%. Attacks deal an additional 50% Attack Damage as physical damage and heal the holder for the damage dealt. The holder cannot cast their ability or gain mana.
  • [NEW] Fishbones: Attack Damage: 30%, Attack Speed: 30%. Doubles the holder’s attack range and causes each of their attacks to target a random enemy.
  • [NEW] Suspicious Trench Coat: Health: 250, Attack Speed: 25%. Once per combat at 50% Health, the holder splits into three copies of themself each with 33% of their max health. [Unique - only 1 per champion]
  • [NEW] Horizon Focus: Health: 250, Mana: 15, Armor and Magic Resist: 20. Stunning an enemy causes lightning to strike them, dealing 30% of their max Health as magic damage.
  • [NEW] Mittens: Attack Speed: 60%. Shrinks the holder, granting them increased movement speed, 20% damage reduction, and immunity to Chill.
  • [NEW] Unending Despair: Health: 400, Armor: 40. Whenever a Shield on the holder breaks, 100% of that Shield’s initial value is dealt to the nearest enemy as magic damage.
  • [NEW] Rapid Firecannon: Attack Speed: 50%. Gain +1 Attack Range, increased by 1 whenever the holder kills an enemy.
  • [NEW] Innervating Locket: Health: 150, Mana: 15. The holder gains 2% of their total Mana whenever they’re hit by an attack. Each cast restores 20% of the holder’s max Health over 3 seconds.
  • [NEW] Luden’s Tempest: Attack Damage: 30%, Ability Power: 30. 100% of overkill damage plus 100 is dealt as magic damage to the three enemies nearest the target.
  • [NEW] Silvermere Dawn: Attack Damage: 165%, Armor and Magic Resist: 50. Grants immunity to stuns and the holder’s attacks stun the target for 0.8 seconds. The holder’s attack speed is locked at 0.5.
  • [NEW] Prowler’s Claw: Attack Damage: 25%, Critical Strike Chance: 25%. After killing a target, shed negative effects and dash to the farthest target within 4 hexes. The next two critical attacks deal 60% bonus critical strike damage.
  • [NEW] Cursed Blade: Attack Speed: 15%, Magic Resist: 20. Attacks reduce the target’s max Health by 3%. 13 attacks on the same target reduces their star level by 1.
  • [NEW] Spectral Cutlass: Attack Damage: 40%, Critical Strike Chance: 20%. Combat start: Teleports the holder to the mirrored hex on the enemy’s side of the board. After 8 seconds, the holder returns to their original location.
  • [NEW] Blighting Jewel: Ability Power: 40. Dealing magic damage reduces the target’s Magic Resist by 3. If their Magic Resist is 0, this grants the holder 5 Mana instead.
  • [NEW] Wit’s End: Attack Speed: 30%, Magic Resist: 30/ Attacks deal 42-100 (scales with stage) bonus magic damage. Heals the holder for 35% of all magic damage dealt.
  • [NEW] Forbidden Idol: Health: 200, Armor and Magic Resist: 25. Shields have 50% of their value converted to max Health instead.
  • [NEW] Lich Bane: Ability Power: 30, Mana: 15. The holder’s first attack after each ability cast deals 180-380 (scales with stage) bonus magic damage.
  • [NEW] Lightshield Crest: Armor and Magic Resist: 50, Every 3 seconds, Shields the lowest percent Health ally for 50% of the holder’s combined Armor and Magic Resist. On death grants this shield to all allies.
  • [NEW] Seeker’s Armguard: Ability Power: 25, Armor and Magic Resist: 25. Takedowns increase the holder’s Armor, Magic Resist, and Ability Power by 10, increased to 15 if they score the kill.
  • Blacksmith’s Gloves now grants 300 HP & 30% Crit baseline
  • Goldmancer’s Staff has been removed
  • Mogul’s Mail has been removed

Support Items

  • [NEW] Eternal Flame: Health: 250. While the holder is alive, all enemies are 33% Wounded, and all allies deal 7% more damage. This effect refreshes every 5 seconds.
  • [NEW] Knight’s Vow: Health: 50. Combat Start: Grant 200 Health and 12% Omnivamp to the holder and allies within 1 hex in the same row.
  • [NEW] Moonstone Renewer: Health: 250. Every 4 seconds, shield the 2 lower percent health allies for 100-400 health (based on Stage) for 4 seconds.
  • [NEW] Spite: Health: 250. When this unit dies, all enemies within 2-hexes have their Attack Damage and Ability Power reduced by 40%. Allies in the explosion gain 30% Attack Damage and Ability power instead.
  • [NEW] Unstable Treasure Chest: Health: 250. When the holder dies, the 3 closest allies gain a temporary completed item.
  • Virtue of the Martyr base Health: 6.5% max health >>> 7% max health
  • Virtue of the Martyr empowered Heal: 13% max health >>> 14% max health
  • Virtue of the Martyr after dying, instead of getting empowered heals for 10s, you’ll always get 2 empowered heals

Small Changes


  • Lillia Ability small orb damage: 120/180/400% AP >>> 120/180/600% AP
  • Ornn three-star items forged: 8 >>> 6
  • Ornn three-star now forges Radiant items… Shiny!
  • Sylas Ability damage: 200/300/1000% AP >>> 200/300/1200% AP
  • Sylas Ability swipe damage: 90/135/450% AP >>> 90/135/550% AP
  • Sylas Ability heal: 120/140/500% AP >>> 120/140/600% AP


  • Behemoth Crest: Gain a Thresh >>> Gain a Shen and Thresh
  • Dragonlord Crest: Gain a Diana >>> Gain a Janna and Diana
  • Grim Harvest: Gain a Kindred >>> Gain a Kha’Zix and Kindred
  • Sage Crest: Gain a Diana >>> Gain a Zyra and Diana
  • Storyweaver Crest: Now also gives a Garen.
  • Warden Crest: Gain an Amumu >>> Gain a Jax and Amumu
  • Behemoth Crown: Gain a Warmog’s Armor and Yorick >>> Gain a Sunfire Cape, Yorick, and Thresh
  • Sage Crown: Gain a Diana >>> Gain a Zyra and Diana


Double Up

  • Minimum time for reinforcements to begin: 7 seconds >>> 12 seconds.
  • Player damage taken is now rounded up to the nearest whole number.
  • Base player damage: 2 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 11 / 17 >>> 3 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 17

Bug Fixes

  • Sett’s Fated omnivamp bonus now applies after resistances.
  • Sett’s Fated omnivamp bonus now only applies to attacks and abilities.
  • Irelia no longer triggers on-hit effects with every blade in her chain. She now only triggers on-hit effects on hits where she triggers on-attack effects.
  • Mythic, Fated, and Inkshadow emblems will no longer be offered without the trait active on 3-2 or 4-2
  • The Fortune cashout that gives +1 to all traits now shows up properly in the trait tracker.
  • Teem-No!: The Teemo carousel encounter can no longer give a unit two spatulas
  • To prevent a glitch involving item duplication, Items can no longer be removed from a unit with a Masterwork Upgrade armory open.
  • He doesn’t sea well: Nautilus no longer sometimes casts his ability backward.
  • Azir can no longer spawn a permanent soldier if he casts as combat ends.
  • Ornn items are no longer made permanent after combat ends in a tie.
  • The Augment prop now faces the correct direction.
  • Kayn’t get to them: Kayn’s ability no longer fizzles against cornered units.

Those are all the latest changes to the game in patch 14.9!

For more TFT updates, check out our homepage. Additionally, take a look at what we thought of Inkborn Fables in our preview for TFT Set 11, the newest set to come to the game. Or view our patch notes schedule here to see when new updates are planned to launch!

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