Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending explained - What will happen next?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending explained - What will happen next?
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Both the campaign and ending of Jedi: Survivor had a lot going on, and has no doubt has left many Star Wars fans' pondering both what unfolded and what could happen next.

So, let's unpack everything that went down in this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending explained guide.

Note: Massive story spoilers are ahead for this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending explainer, so please read on at your own discretion.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending explained 

Merrin and Cal before the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending
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Many major events happened in the Third Act towards the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending, leaving Cal Kestis and friends in a more hopeful situation than where they began in the game, but having still taken them to a darker place along the way of their journey. 

After Bode Akuna's - the final boss of Jedi: Survivor - betrayal, who is revealed to be a former Jedi acting as an Imperial spy this whole time, this leads to both the deaths of Master Cordova and Cere. Cal, Greez, and Merrin then finally made their way to the planet Tanalorr, and although it was still the safe haven from the Empire they aspired for, their goal on arrival was now to confront Bode and ask him to stand down for the sake of his daughter - otherwise they'd have him pay for his crimes. 

First running into Kata, who then leads Cal and Merrin to her father, Bode unsurprisingly refuses to surrender. After all, he still believed Cal's plans to bring the Hidden Path to Tanalorr would eventually have the Empire follow and threaten his family's safety. 

Following a violent and epic boss battle, Bode remained defiant to the end. Almost Force-choking Merrin to death and strangling Cal, the Jedi managed to get the upper hand on his friend-turned-traitor. As Bode's blaster jams, Cal doesn't hesitate to shoot instead - killing his former comrade and leaving Kata an orphan. 

Soon after, an emotional ending scene triggers where Cal, Greez, Merrin, and Kata have a funeral for the three dead Jedi. Cal stands mourning in disbelief mostly for Cere, remembering Cere's teachings, promising to continue her legacy and outlast the Empire, but also expressing his fear that he doesn't know he's ready.

After Cere seemingly appears through the Force advising him to "guide her [Kata] through the darkness", Cal walks on for what comes next - with Kata now joining his crew along with Merrin and Greez. 

What will happen next after Jedi: Survivor?

Greez in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
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Following the intense Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending, we're currently unsure if there will be a third game. Nevertheless, the game's finale has definitely laid the building blocks to make the Jedi series a trilogy. 

To start, with Bode, Dagan Gera, and Rayvis out of the way, Cal and crew are finally free to start the long and arduous task of helping move what's left of the Hidden Path to Tanalorr as shelter from the Empire. 

What's more, Cal's reason in Fallen Order for not wanting to restart the Jedi order - the Empire being eventually able to hunt them down - is far less likely now if it were in the safety of Tanalorr. Additionally, now as the acting senior Jedi left, seeing a Grandmaster Jedi Kestis is definitely now a possibility for a Jedi: Survivor sequel.

Secondly, Kata is now officially a member of the Mantis crew. Plus, as already hinted in the post-credit scene and through interactions whilst exploring, it seems like a third game could see more of the new family dynamic with Kata as the adopted daughter, Cal and Merrin as the makeshift parents, and Greez as the lovable grandfather figure. 

Will Cal and Merrin get together?

Boss fight with Bode in Jedi: Survivor
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As to whether Cal and Merrin will officially get together, Respawn is leaving it as anyone's guess for now. Once you interact with Merrin at Pioneer's Saloon, whilst Cal says he wouldn't want the pair "to go back to the way things were" in just being friends, Merrin makes a point that things are now more complicated with Kata in the picture and what happened behind them. Although, the Nightsister does also say they'll work out the answers "together". 

With that, you have all you need to know about the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending, including what could happen next.

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