Star Wars Jedi: Survivor stables treasure - How to reach & rewards

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor stables treasure - How to reach & rewards
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12th May 2023 13:32

The Jedi: Survivor stables treasure is visible as soon as you reach Rambler's Reach on Koboh, where you can see it in a blocked-off section of the Nekko stables. Plus, there's a bonus treasure to get from the Nekkos as well. So, along with the rewards inside, let's get into how to reach the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor stables treasure. 

Jedi: Survivor stables treasure chest - How to reach & rewards

Double-jumping from a Nekko to reach the Jedi: Survivor stables treasure chest
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In order to reach the Jedi: Survivor stables treasure chest, you'll need to have progressed through the game's story enough to unlock Nekko mounts and obtain Force Lift. Specifically, this happens after you've completed the mission at the Forest Array and are making your way back to Rambler's Reach. 

Once you're back by the stables with the ability to ride a Nekko, call one over or hop on one already nearby. On the stable building, you'll notice an open window high above. 

To finally reach the Jedi: Survivor stables treasure, you simply need to double jump with your Nekko. On the second jump, the Nekko will launch you higher than normal so you can climb onto the top of the stables.

Force Lift up the wooden panel, blimb down into the gap on the left, and you can finally open the treasure chest to recieve the Unique Material BD-1 cosmetic paints. 

Jump back up darting between the walls, grab the Priorite Shard near the back on the way out before dropping down, and you're done with the treasure chest. 

Jedi: Survivor stables treasure - Finding hidden Priorite Shard

Finding a pink Nekko to receive the hidden Jedi: Survivor stables treasure
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Next, the recieve the hidden Jedi: Survivor treasure from the Nekkos, which you might see on the map if you have the upgrade, this requires a few more steps. 

First, you also need to unlock Nekko mounts and have the Force Lift ability. Next, you need to find a Nekko that's pink, purple, white, or red. Either one of that colour may appear among those which randomly spawn at the stable, or you can find one around Bygone Settlement. 

Ride your chosen Nekko of a required colour back to the stables and stable it in on of the booths. You'll know you have done this when the Nekko momentarily glows green and the game's HUD tells you. 

Now, go to a Meditation Point and select Rest. Go back to the booth in the stable and the hidden treasure Priorite Shard will be there for you in Nekko manure. Use Force Lift to uncover the shard, select "Interact", and the last Jedi: Survivor stables treasure is yours. 

That's everything you need to know about how to reach the Jedi: Survivor stable treasure, both the chest and hidden treasure from the Nekkos. 

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