How to find all the fish in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How to find all the fish in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
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As well as cleaning up your aquarium at Pyloon's Saloon, getting all the Skoova fish in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is essential for getting the Skoova Diving achievement trophy. So, let's get into all 12 Jedi: Survivor fish locations - covering all fish and where to find them. 

Keep in mind that you'll always need to visit the See Fish location first in order to recruit Skoova. Afterwards, you can collect the remaining 11 fish in whichever order you prefer in the game.  

See Fish

Map shot showing where to recruit Skoova and the get the See Fish, one of the Jedi: Survivor fish locations
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The above spot marked on the map to recruit Skoova Stev is also the Jedi: Survivor fish location in Foothill Falls for the See Fish, since the Sakavian will start filling your aquarium from the get-go. 

From Ramber's Reach Outpost, simply head north up the trail above Doma's shop into Foothill Falls, take a right, go up the zipline next to the Nekko and Prospector, and Skoova will be immediately visible on your left. 

Fingerlip Garpon

Map shot showing the Fingerlip Garpon location, one of the Jedi: Survivor fish locations
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For this Jedi: Survivor fish location, you thankfully won't have to go far since it's in Rambler's Reach Outpost. All you need to do is head to the marked spot on the map shot above near the Nekko stables. 

You'll find Skoova ready to grab the Fingerlip Garpon fish for you in the outpost's stream at the edge of the settlement.

Blinding Rayfish

Map showing the Blinding Rayfish location, one of the Jedi: Survivor fish locations
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Finding the Blinding Rayfish is one of the easier Jedi: Survivor fish locations. That's because it's likely you'll spot Skoova whilst playing through the Devastated Settlement story mission. 

All you need to go is go to the Grand Courtyard Mediation Point, proceed to the map location marked above and glide with the Relter sitting there. Glide to the small island with a pool of water across, and Skoova will be right there ready to chat and get you the Blinding Rayfish. 

Snake Fish

Map showing the Snake Fish location, one of the Jedi: Survivor fish locations
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For this Jedha-based entry among the Jedi: Survivor fish locations, you need to go to the Arid Flats Meditation Point. From there, head to the right until you reach the point marked on the map above - fighting any Stormtrooper enemies you encounter along the way.

Once there, look to the right, and Skoova will be found in a small found to retrieve the Snake Fish for your aquarium collection. 

Barbed Hookfish

Map showing the Barbed Hookfish location
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With this entry among the Jedi: Survivor fish locations being in the Smuggler's Tunnel, you'd think it would be a simple find. However, the Barbed Hookfish location is easy to miss. 

To find Skoova here, proceed to the exact spot marked above on the map in Smuggler's Tunnels, starting from the Pioneer's Saloon Meditation Point.

Instead of traversing the cliffs and walls towards where you encountered the first Jedi Meditation Chamber early in the story, jump into the water. Look around, and you'll quickly spot Skoova eager to nab the Barbed Hookfish for you. 

Mee Fish

Map shot of the Mee Fish location, one of the Jedi: Survivor fish locations
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The Mee Fish location is on the Mountain Ascent, with the exact spot shown in the map above. Starting from the Mountain Ascent Meditation Point, this fish location heading either left or right. 

Skoova's hoverboat can be spotted on a shallow stream with the Meditation point still in sight. 

Fantailed Laa

Map showing the Fantailed Laa location
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This certain Jedi: Survivor fish location comes with a challenge since you first need to know how to solve the Crypt of Uhrma puzzle in order to access it. Once you've done so, proceed through the Crypt to the above point marked on the map. 

Now, walk through the exit outside, down the slope, and you'll find Skoova by a shallow pond. Talk to him, and he'll dive into adding the Fantailed Laa fish to your collection. 

Frilled Newt 

Map showing the Frilled Newt location, one of the Jedi: Survivor fish locations
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The Gorge Crash Site, one of the first areas you'll visit on Koboh, is a spot may naturally find one of these Jedi: Survivor fish locations last since you won't have a reason in the story to come here after recruiting Skoova.  

Once you go back when you can collect fish, the Frilled Newt is a quick find. Just fast travel to the Gorge Crash Site Meditation Point, head slightly north towards the marked above map point, and Skoova will be immediately visible. 

Viscid Lurker

Map showing Viscid Lurker location, one of the Jedi: Survivor fish locations
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In order to find the Viscid Lurker fish, you need to head to Phon'qui Caverns which is located under the Abandoned Shack map location. In order to access the caverns, you need to head under the shack and have progressed enough through the story fo unlock Force Lift. 

Once you're progressing through the caverns, look out for the location marked in the map shot above. Skoova can be found by a small pond following a drop below. After talking to him, the Viscid Lurker will be yours. 

Big-Mouth Faa

Map showing the Big-Mouth Faa fish location
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The Big-Mouth Faa fish location is an incredibly quick one to get to. On Koboh, you just need to fast travel to the Rift Passage Meditation Point. Afterward, Skoova can be found instantly, in a tiny body of water. 

As soon as you talk to him, he'll jump in to grab the Big-Mouth Faa for you. 


Map showing Glottsamcrab location, one of the Jedi: Survivor fish locations
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When it comes to the Glottsamcrab, this Jedi: Survivor fish location can be easy to miss when you're proceeding through Viscid Bog during the story. 

Firstly, fast travel to the Viscid Bog Meditation Point. Then, head to the marked location on the map above, specifically right in front of the hut where you meet Wini. Skoova and the means to obtain the Glottsamcrab can be found below by the tar. 

Blue-Finned Crayfish

Map location showing Blue-Finned Crayfish location, one of the Jedi: Survivor fish locations
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For the final entry of the Jedi: Survivor fish locations, you get the Blue-Finned Crayfish by starting off the Nekko Pools fast travel Meditation Point. Once there, ride a nearby Nekko all the way up the slippery slope, through the metal door, one last slippery slope upwards. 

Now, you'll find yourself in the Bygone Settlment, where Skoova and his boat will be right infront of you. Chat to him, and he will go and grab the Blue-finned Crayfish for you. 

If you have been following this Jedi: Survivor fish locations guide in order, the Skoova Diving trophy/achievement will pop up for you upon completion. 

That's all you need to know about the complete list of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fish locations, including all species of fish and where to find them. 

For even more Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guides, you can find them right here at GGRecon. 

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