How to use debug commands in Sons of the Forest

How to use debug commands in Sons of the Forest
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20th Feb 2024 12:22

While the aim of Sons of the Forest is to survive the harsh conditions of a cannibal-inhabited island, you may also find fun in breaking it with debug commands. With mods, it's now possible to enter God mode, have permanently full stat bars, and even create multiple Kelvins to help you out around your base.

Read on as we tell you all about debug commands and install the relevant mod for the game. As always, use mods at your discretion, as they're not supported by the game developers and may cause game issues.

How to install debug commands

To install and use debug commands with Sons of the Forest, download the following mods:

Once everything is installed, do the following:

  • Run Thunderstore
  • Create a profile
  • Select 'Sons of the Forest'
  • Click 'Start Modded' in the top right of the window

You'll now be playing the modded version of the game that lets you use the debug menu.

All debug command cheats

Sons of the Forest debug commands list
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Now you have the mod installed, to access the command menu press F1 in-game. This will bring up a list of all the available commands. It's also worth learning the item ID codes for any commands that require them.

The following is a list of the most popular commands and their effects:

General Commands

Debug Command Effect
godmode on Turns on God mode
godmode off Turns off God mode
buffstats Refills survival meters
regenhealth Refills health
addallitems Adds all items to your inventory
removeallitems Removes all items from inventory
additem [item name] Adds an item (whichever item you add in the brackets)
spawnworldobject x Spawns an item on you
instantbookbuild on Builds anything selected from the book
instantbookbuild off Turns off instant build cheat
showhud off Turns HUD off
showhud on Turns HUD on
superjump on Lets you super jump
superjump off Turns off the super jump
speedyrun on Enables a faster run speed
speedyrun off Turns off fast run speed
cavelight on Illuminates the area around you
cavelight off Turns off illumination command
createlight Adds a light source to the world
settimeofday [1-24] Changes the time of day
forcerain heavy Changes the weather to heavy rainy
forcerain sunny Changes the weather to sunny rain
season summer Changes the season to summer
season autumn Changes the season to autumn
season winter Changes the season to winter
season spring Changes the season to spring
save Saves your game

NPC and enemy commands

Debug Command Effect
addcharacter robby 1 Spawns an extra Kelvin to your game
addvirginia Spawn an extra Virginia to your game
aigodmode on Turns on God mode for companions
aigodmode off Turns off God mode for companions
aighostplayer on Stops enemies targeting you
aighostplayer off Enemies revert back to normal
aishowthoughts on Display AI paths/thoughts
killradius [number] Kills everything within the chosen numerical range

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