The Sims 4 Free Build Cheats

The Sims 4 Free Build Cheats
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Maya Hutchinson


6th Sep 2022 10:17

When it comes to the Sims 4, building without any cheats can feel restrictive. However, using The Sims 4 free build cheats will open your game and build possibilities up. It allows you to create fantastic builds that aren't limited to the game's own building restrictions. Here you'll find all The Sims 4 free build cheats you need to get to work. 

What Are Sims 4 Free Build Cheats?

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One of the important parts of free building is the various building-related cheats. These free build cheats allow you to place items freely, no longer limited to borders or grids.

These cheats are easily activated and don’t require any third-party installations, all you have to do is press CTRL + Shift to prompt the cheat console.

All Sims 4 Free Build Cheats

Here are the best building-related cheats you’ll need:

Cheats Effect
motherlode 50,000 Simoleon
bb.moveobjects on Move objects anywhere, regardless of grid placement. Hold down ALT for more precise placements.
bb.enablefreebuild Build anywhere
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement Unlocks any locked Career Items in Build mode
Shows all in-game items that aren’t available for purchase

Once you've set yourself up with these cheats, you'll notice a lot of building limitations are now gone. Allowing you to free-place items, at which point you can start to become more creative with your builds. We've curated a few free build tips for you. 

Building Mode Tips

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Using these previous cheats, there are a lot of ways you can be creative, especially when you’re using the moveobjects cheat. You can combine items together and create new furniture you might not have been able to before. For example, you can place furniture in the same space and create new designs altogether, and create more realistic clutter that doesn't look so perfectly organised. 

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You can even fuse items together and create new and sleeker-looking pieces altogether. 

Object resizing

When you’ve activated moveobjects, you can also resize items. Either making them bigger or smaller. All you need to do for this is press Shift + [or Shift -]. This won't scale your sims to the newly sized furniture. Instead, they'll treat it as though it is its normal size.

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There you have it, all of the Sims 4 free build cheats. With this information, we hope you're able to create the builds you truly want and envisioned.

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