Rocket League Season 10: Volkswagen Golf GTI and new Deadeye Canyon Arena

Rocket League Season 10: Volkswagen Golf GTI and new Deadeye Canyon Arena
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Jack Marsh


6th Mar 2023 18:00

Epic Games brought fire and ice to Rocket League in Season 9, taking a leaf out of George R. R. Martin's books to have two worlds collide in with a string of festivities and fruitful events. But now, spring is upon us and a new lotus is ready to blossom in Rocket League Season 10.

So, here's all you need to know about Rocket League Season 10, including a new Volkswagon Golf GTI car and a new twist to the Deadeye Canyon arena.

Rocket League Season 10 release date

Rocket League will be heading into the tenth season of its free-to-play experience, matching that of the pre-Epic takeover period.

However, Rocket League seasons, unlike that of other games, don't always have the same length and expiry period. Instead, they're a little bit sporadic and are often rolled out to combine with real-life events or their own esports calendar.

But now, Rocket League Season 10 is arriving, and quite some time ahead of its usual timeframe, and will officially launch on March 8.

What to expect from Rocket League Season 10

New Volkswagen Golf GTI Car Body

The main focus for Rocket League Season 10 is a brand-new car that will slip into the Octane hitbox type.

The Volkswagen Golf II GTI will be arriving in Rocket League in Season 10, and will also have an upgraded Volkswagen Golf GTI RLE within the Rocket Pass.

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New Deadeye Canyon (Oasis) Arena

Building on top of the pre-existing Deadeye Canyon Arena, a new variant will be added in Rocket League Season 10, with an Oasis theme being birthed. The somewhat evening-fied aura shows off the Northern Lights and an eerie violescent backdrop, and features that Lotus design in the middle, which fans mistakenly took for an Unreal Engine 5 leak.

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Rocket League Season 10 Rocket Pass

As always, the new season will bring a new Rocket Pass, filled to the brim with easy access content and credits.

The 100-tier pass often throws up a brand-new car and another body variant, as well as a range of painted rewards at the higher tiers, perfect for those players who like to add some spice to their garage.

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2023 Easter Event And LTM

There's never an Easter gone by where Rocket League players aren't scrambling to get those precious Golden Eggs.

Rocket League Season 10 hasn't necessarily announced that an Easter theme will be added, but the developers have confirmed that a new "In-Game Event" will arrive later in the season, and will be much more "car-focused" than other events gone by.

Ranked Rewards

Players who enjoy the Competitive game modes will also get their ranked rewards for Season 9 in the update.

The Rocket League Season 9 Ranked rewards were previously revealed to be a new wheel set which will sport the colour and png. logo of your achieved rank, which will slip on nicely alongside your previous decal rewards.

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There's set to be plenty to unpack in Rocket League Season 10, but make sure to check back for more updates as the season closes in.

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