Rocket League Blueprints Guide

Rocket League Blueprints Guide

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Jack Marsh


29th Sep 2020 18:00

Rocket League is one of the most creative games in terms of customising your character, in this case, your car. Being able to unlock different decals, wheels, bodies, and more, you can customise the car you control in more ways than you could imagine.

To unlock certain customisation features, you need blueprints. Rocket League Blueprints can contain the rarest and most sought after items that Epic Games has to offer. But, they can also be quite confusing. Here's everything you need to know about Rocket League Blueprints.

What are rocket league blueprints?

There are many cosmetics available which let you play in style, some more premium than others. One way of getting some exclusive and themed cosmetics are through blueprints. 

Once you obtain a blueprint, you can craft the item by using credits. The rarer the blueprint, the more credits you need to craft the item.

The blueprints replaced the crate system which saw pot luck be the way to obtain the rarest items, similar to how other games work. However, with the idea that loot crates could be banned from gaming worldwide, Epic Games have opted with the crafting system to unlock the best customisation items.

Rocket League Blueprints
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How rocket league blueprints work

You earn blueprints through playing games, through in-game events, and through challenges and the Rocket Pass. They are generated from random after games, however more specific blueprints can be earnt through the Rocket Pass and the Challenges system.

Akin to items, blueprints can also be traded to create rarer blueprints. The rarity system is as follows: 

  • Common (Grey)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Premium (Green)
  • Limited (Orange)
  • Very Rare (Purple)
  • Import (Red)
  • Exotic (Gold)
  • Black Market (Neon Purple)

Trading 5 of your own cosmetics of a certain rarity will unlock one that is of a higher rarity.

Can you sell rocket league blueprints?

Blueprints can't be bought directly from the store. You can buy credits from the store to craft the blueprints, however. A way of 'purchasing' blueprints could be through a player to player trade. By finding a player willing to trade with you, a bargain can be struck by offering the other player items or blueprints that they desire. By coming to an agreement, the items can be swapped between two.

Ultimately, the blueprints are an easy to follow method of obtaining cosmetics in Rocket League, and can be swapped between players who desire either a new set of wheels or a brand new animated decal.


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