How to revive teammates in PUBG: Battlegrounds

How to revive teammates in PUBG: Battlegrounds
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22nd May 2023 11:53


For the first time in PUBG: Battlegrounds, you can revive teammates that have fallen in battle. Unlike most other modern Battle Royale titles, dying in PUBG: Battlegrounds has always been permanent. But with the brand-new Recall system, you can finally revive teammates in PUBG: Battlegrounds!

  • The hope is that the addition of reviving to PUBG will increase the PUBG player count.

How to revive teammates in PUBG: Battlegrounds

Use Blue Chips, Blue Chip Towers, and Clue Chip Transmitters to revive teammates in PUBG.
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To bring a fallen teammate back to life in PUBG: Battlegrounds, you must acquire their Blue Chip from their deathbox or the deathbox of an enemy that stole your ally's Blue Chip. With a teammate's Blue Chip in your inventory, register it at a Blue Chip Tower or combine it with a Blue Chip Transmitter to initiate their Recall.

You can revive teammates in Normal Matches, Custom Matches, and Casual Mode, but not Esports Mode. Additionally, this feature is only available on Erangel, Miramar, and Deston.

Where to find and how to use Blue Chip Towers in PUBG

Blue Chip Towers appear in different spots every match of PUBG.
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You can find Blue Chip Towers scattered all across the PUBG: Battlegrounds maps, but they'll be in different locations each match. Blue Chip Towers are marked on the in-game map, so reference it whenever you need to trek to a Blue Chip Tower.

When you approach a Blue Chip Tower, you will get a prompt to interact with it, as long as you are holding at least one of your teammate's Blue Chips. It takes about ten seconds to activate a Blue Chip Tower, after which, all teammates whose Blue Chips you registered will be prepped for Recall.

Note that using Blue Chip Towers will undoubtedly draw the attention of other players. Using Blue Chip Towers gives off audible and visual cues, alerting enemies that you are actively trying to revive your deceased allies.

Where to find and how to use Blue Chip Transmitter in PUBG

Use Blue Chip Transmitters to revive teammates on-the-go in PUBG!
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Blue Chip Transmitters are essentially mobile Blue Chip Towers. Blue Chip Transmitters allow you to register Blue Chips and revive your teammates in PUBG: Battlegrounds at any time without needing to visit a Blue Chip Tower. Blue Chip Transmitters are rare items that spawn amongst the varied loot in PUBG: Battlegrounds.

If you manage to find a Blue Chip Transmitter, you can activate it by clicking on it in your inventory. Blue Chip Transmitters function nearly identically to Blue Chip Towers, taking roughly ten seconds to activate and giving off the same audio cues as Blue Chip Towers. You can only use a Blue Chip Transmitter once before it disappears from your inventory!

That sums up all the key elements of the PUBG: Battlegrounds Recall system. Use a squadmate's Blue Chips at Blue Chip Towers or a Blue Chip Transmitter to revive them in PUBG: Battlegrounds and get back to your original mission — securing a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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