PUBG Crossplay: How To Enable

PUBG Crossplay: How To Enable
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14th Oct 2022 16:27

The PUBG crossplay system allows players to game with others across consoles, which increases the playerbase massively. Whether you're new or you’ve been playing PUBG for a while, you might not know how it all works, and PC players may want to know if crossplay is supported on their platform. So, for a full rundown of PUBG crossplay, read on.

PUBG Crossplay: Does PUBG Have Crossplay?

PUBG Crossplay
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The simple answer is yes, and accessing the PUBG crossplay isn't too difficult either. However, it's only available for certain platforms, and there is no way for player's from every form of the game to play together currently. Cross-platform multiplayer can be accessed on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, allowing players from both platforms to team up and fight against each other. 

This goes the same for the mobile version, which allows iOS and Android users to play cross-platform with each other. The console and mobile versions do not intersect though, and finally, the PC version has no crossplay support at all, only allowing other PC users to play together. This is because the console versions, mobile versions, and PC edition are all on separate servers, restricting any potential crossplay for the foreseeable future.

Although this might seem annoying or limiting to some players, it seems the communities are mostly fine with the current way of things. It's well known that in shooters, the mouse and keyboard offers an advantage to players, due to snappier, smoother aim. Consoles on the other hand, require some form of aim assist to make aiming actually feasible on controllers, and usually when crossplay between PC and console users is enabled - these issues come to the forefront rather quickly.

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PUBG Crossplay: How To Activate Crossplay?

Enabling the crossplay on the console and mobile versions of PUBG is pretty simple, and can all be achieved inside the game. Just search for their name using the in-game friends list, and 'follow' them. Once this is done, you can just invite them like you would someone on your own platform, and will put you in games with a mix of cross-platform players.

That's our breakdown of the PUBG crossplay system, including which versions allow for it, and how to enable it in-game.

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