PUBG M4: How To Best Use The M416

PUBG M4: How To Best Use The M416
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17th Mar 2022 11:01

The PUBG M4 is one of the best assault rifles (ARs) in Krafton's battle royale, and one of the most commonly used in the game thanks to its flexibility and reliability in many situations. PUBG has a wide variety of guns to use that come in a range of weapon types, but assault rifles occupy the spot of the best overall. This makes the PUBG M4 a weapon well worth seeking out, so for a rundown of everything you need to know about the M416, we've got you covered. 

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PUBG M4: What Is It?

PUBG M416 best loadout
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The PUBG M4 is an assault rifle/carbine weapon based on the real-life HK416, which is a firearm employed by many militaries across the world. In the game, it's an uncommon weapon that can use both automatic and semi-automatic modes of fire. It requires 5.56mm ammo (the green boxes) and defaults at a magazine size of 30, maxing out at 40 with the extended mag. 

There are five total attachments points which is one of the reasons for the M4's reliability, and it has one of the largest pools of attachments in the game, meaning you'll find plenty to fit during a game. It also deals 40 damage per hit, placing it near the middle of the ARs, and has an effective range of 100-400m, giving it plenty of use from close to medium ranges. It deals its damage maximum up to 60 metres, and minimum damage at 445 metres.  

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PUBG M4: Best Attachments

PUBG M4 attachments
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With five spaces to use attachments on the M4, you have a lot of choices to specialise your weapon, but not all are made equal. The following build is the best way to make use of the gun and will help you achieve more winner, winner chicken dinners. 

For your lower rail attachment, make use of the Angled Foregrip, which reduces the recoil pattern by 20% and horizontal recoil by 15%. You also get the benefit of +10% ADS speed. These buffs will make your weapon far more effective in close to mid-range battles, but it does come with the slight issue of increased weapon sway. 


The magazine choice is simple, with the Extended QuickDraw Mag being the best choice due to the combo of an increased mag size and quicker reload times. For the muzzle, the choice usually hinges on the ranges you're operating at. The Silencer is excellent in close-range areas like the buildings, but the Flash Hider is great for obscuring your location from distance without losing range or power. 

For stocks, you only have one choice - the Tactical Stock, so if you find this, stick it on your weapon for better aiming and reduced recoil. When it comes to the type of sights you should use, the Red Dot and 6x Scope are top-tier for their respective ranges, so it's worth trying to have both in your inventory. 

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PUBG M4: Tips For Use

The PUBG M4 has one of the simplest spray patterns in the game, so controlling its recoil isn't too difficult - especially with the above attachments. At closer ranges, you can go wild and still hit the majority of shots, but once you get to the mid-range or further, it's important to burst fire. This will let you reset your recoil and hit your shots more consistently, while still letting you throw out enough damage to drop people. 

That's our breakdown of the PUBG M4, and now you have a general idea of how the weapon functions, along with the best attachments for turning it into a beast. 

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