How to find the keys & secret room locations in PUBG Paramo

How to find the keys & secret room locations in PUBG Paramo
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16th Mar 2022 14:11

If you want to earn that winner-winner chicken dinner, then finding the PUBG Paramo secret rooms is essential whenever you play this map. PUBG introduced the secret rooms mechanic back in Vikendi, before expanding upon it for this map, meaning players have alternative methods of acquiring powerful loot. They still have their dangers, so you'll want to be on top of finding them. Read on for a breakdown of the PUBG Paramo secret room locations, along with how to get into them.

Where are the secret rooms in Paramo?

PUBG Paramo Secret Rooms locations
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Due to the randomness factor of the Paramo map, stemming from the active volcano in the middle and changing landmark locations every time you load in, the secret rooms are not always in the exact same location.

These landmark points are predetermined, so the secret rooms will always appear in seven locations dotted around the island, but only a handful can be accessed in a given match. They can look like normal buildings, but the locked doors give away that these are the secret rooms, so encountering one should key you in on what's inside.

How to access the secret rooms in Paramo

PUBG Paramo Secret Rooms in-game
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There is an element of luck to accessing the PUBG Paramo secret rooms, as it requires you to loot a key that can be used to open one secret room door. The issue is, that these keys are randomly dispersed, meaning you have to play like normal, looting and scavenging until you find one.

It's also possible to go several matches without ever finding one though, so it really comes down to the luck of the draw for who can access these loot-filled rooms.

A tactic you can employ to make it a little easier is waiting outside of one of the secret rooms. If another player discovers a key and tries to access one of these, you can ambush them outside or wait for them to enter and sneak in behind. This tactic still relies on another player getting lucky enough to find a key, and for them to come to the specific secret room you are stationed at, but it can be more consistent than just looting and hoping. 

Once you are inside, no matter which method you took, you can claim all the high-quality loot. The loot is randomized of course, but it should consist of some powerful weapons and armor, along with attachments, grenades, health items, and more. It's usually more than enough to get you to the end of a game, and it can save on future scavenging time, letting you put more effort into getting kills and trying to win.

That's all for our PUBG Paramo secret rooms rundown, and now you should be able to find the locations of the secret rooms and access them through one of the above methods.

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