How to find the keys & secret room locations in PUBG Taego

How to find the keys & secret room locations in PUBG Taego
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Taego is another PUBG map that features a number of secret rooms throughout, allowing players to grab some of the best loot on offer in the game.

As one of the newer maps in the battle royale, not everyone will know where the best loot is found. Luckily, we've got those looking to learn more covered with our breakdown of the secret room locations and how to enter them below.

Where are the secret rooms in Taego?

PUBG Taego Secret Rooms locations
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There are a total of 12 secret rooms to find, and they can be found all across the map, dotting the various corners and the centre. They look like regular buildings for the most part and don't stand out too much, however, you can note a secret room's location by the locked doors.

Unlike the Paramo map, all the secret rooms can be opened during a single match, as Taego doesn't have the same dynamic and randomised elements.

How to access the secret rooms in Taego

It mostly comes down to luck if you can get inside one of the Taego secret rooms, as you need to find a key first. These keys aren't found in specific locations and are instead randomised, meaning they can be looted anywhere on the map during regular scavenging.

So, if you really want to get inside a secret room, it's best to move around the map a lot and loot as many buildings as possible. You can potentially go several matches before you find one, which is sadly down to the RNG, but keep on the lookout. 

a Taego Secret Room in PUBG
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With 12 total secret rooms, at least a few of them will usually be opened during a match. So by waiting outside one, you can attempt to ambush a player who has happened upon the key once they come to open it. You can also let them open the door and sneak inside afterwards to take their loot. 

Inside, you'll find loads of high-tier loot that can help you win games, including weapons, armour, attachments, health items, and much more.

The loot you can find inside will also generally be much better than what you can find by looting across the entire map, so it's worth trying to get into one of these places.

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