How to get the FAMAS in PUBG

How to get the FAMAS in PUBG
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Tarran Stockton


13th Mar 2023 11:18

You may want to know how to get the FAMAS in PUBG, which is a very powerful assault rifle and the latest weapon to be added to the game as part of update 22.2.

PUBG is still going strong after its release back in 2017, which kicked off the wave of battle royale games which have informed mainstream gaming for over half a decade. Since then, it's received many changes, ranging from new maps and weapons to big balance changes and new mechanics.

So, check out our primer on how to get the FAMAS in PUBG

How to get the FAMAS in PUBG

The FAMAS is a French-made assault rifle set to come to PUBG as part of update 22.2 on March 15 for PC, and March 23 for consoles. It's a highly versatile and powerful weapon that has limited spawns, making it difficult to find. Here are its main stats:

  • Ammo - 5.56
  • Damage per shot - 39
  • Effective range - 4000 meters
  • Rate of fire - 900 RPM
  • Fire modes - Single fire, burst, and full auto

The devs confirmed that the FAMAS won't be discovered among normal loot, meaning you'll need to go out of your way to acquire it. It will be available on every map, but you can only find it in care packages, secret rooms, keycard rooms, lab camps, supply drops, and pillar boxes, similar to the other power weapons.

Despite how hard the weapon is to find, the ammo and attachments for it are much easier to come across when looting normally. We suggest grabbing the FAMAS whenever you can, as its stats make it out to be one of the best ARs in the game.

That's all for our rundown of how to get the FAMAS in PUBG, and now you have an idea of where to collect the weapon in-game.

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