How To Get Free Cosmetics In PUBG

How To Get Free Cosmetics In PUBG

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Coleman Hamstead


6th Apr 2021 17:30

For a game so based on gritty realism, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) places a huge focus on individual style. Players can fill their wardrobe with hundreds of unique cosmetic items. Some of these are standard clothing items that one could imagine seeing on a soldier in battle. Others are ridiculously wacky and remind the player that in the end, PUBG is just a video game, after all.

Unlike other Battle Royales such as Fortnite and Apex Legends, PUBG’s base game costs money. With this in mind, not everyone is willing to toss additional cash on cosmetic items. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t still wish to customise your soldier. Thankfully, there are ways to dress up your character without opening up the wallet. 

When you jump out of a plane with one hundred other people, you want to make sure you’re looking good. The following list consists of all the ways players can acquire cosmetic items without spending any real-life money.

PUBG Free Cosmetics
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PUBG Crates

Crates are the most obvious method of earning PUBG cosmetics for free. Crates can be purchased by players with Battle Points (BP). BP is an in-game currency earned by simply playing the game. BP is awarded based on how long a player survives a match and the number of kills they get.

Crates contain all kinds of cosmetics. Hats, jackets, pants, facial accessories, weapon skins PUBG has it all. And the best part is, they can all be earned for free.

In total, there are five different crates players can purchase with BP. These crates all align with a different theme, and the cosmetics inside revolve around the given theme. The specific cosmetic contained in the crate is random.

Crates are a surefire way to unlock free cosmetics just by playing the game.

PUBG Free Skins
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PUBG Ranked Mode

Participating in Ranked Mode is a great way to earn free cosmetics that show off your PUBG prowess. At the end of each Ranked Mode season, players that reach the rank of Gold or above will receive exclusive limited-time cosmetics to represent their rank. So far, the standard rewards include a Vehicle Skin and a Parachute Skin.

Make enemy players cower in fear by showing off your impressive accomplishments in Ranked Mode. And the best part is, you’ll have gotten all the skins for free.

PUBG Free Skins
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PUBG Holiday Events

In celebration of holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and PUBG’s own anniversary, the developers will gift players with free cosmetic items. The most recent of these celebrations was just a couple of weeks ago. 

March 23 marked PUBG’s fourth anniversary. In honour of the day, PUBG players were awarded free clothing items, weapon skins, and a special emote if they logged on during the event.

Simply playing the game during these holiday events is a guaranteed way to earn free cosmetic items.

PUBG Free Skins
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PUBG Live Events

Before the global pandemic that is COVID-19, PUBG was known for its extravagant live events. The best teams from around the world would meet up on Local Area Network (LAN) to compete live for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a way to encourage ticket sales, spectators for these events would often receive redeemable codes for exclusive cosmetic items.

Individuals that purchased tickets to the 2020 PUBG Global Series: Berlin event received codes for pant skins, hoodie skins, and more. Due to their exclusivity and limited release, these rationed skins were quite valuable. The lowest list price for the Survival Slacks pants skin on the Steam Community Market is over $700. 

Attending live events provides PUBG fans with the opportunity to witness top-tier gameplay and also acquire some of the most sought-after cosmetic items in the game.

PUBG Free Skins
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PUBG Contests

PUBG will occasionally hold contests out of the game that offer players an opportunity to obtain free cosmetics.

One of these such contests was a Skin Design Contest. PUBG fans around the world had the opportunity to submit their own fan-designed cosmetic concepts into the contest. From there, the playerbase voted on which cosmetic items were their favourite.

When the contest ended, the winning submissions were turned into real items, and the entire PUBG community was given the items for free.

Contest such as this may pop up from time to time, so keep an eye out if you’re in the market for free cosmetics.

PUBG Twitch Prime Skins
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Twitch Prime for PUBG

Like many games, PUBG offers Twitch Prime members the opportunity to claim in-game cosmetics for free. Players must link their Amazon Prime account with their Twitch account. From there, just link your Twitch account to your personal PUBG account. If set up correctly, players will be eligible to claim free Twitch Prime cosmetics from time to time.

PUBG has released some seriously sick cosmetics through this promotion. For example, Pilot Set and the Gunslinger Set were both cosmetic sets awarded to Twitch Prime subscribers. These sets include hats, jackets, shirts, glasses, pants, parachutes, weapon skins and more. And that’s just a couple of the Twitch Prime bundles PUBG players can claim.

Twitch Prime gives PUBG players the chance to dress up in a full matching set without spending a dime.


PUBG players should look to take advantage of these many opportunities for free cosmetics. Expand your wardrobe through the above methods, and you’ll be the best looking soldier on Erangal before you know it.


Images via PUBG Corporation

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