PowerWash Simulator Achievements List

PowerWash Simulator Achievements List
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Tarran Stockton


26th Jul 2022 11:27

The PowerWash Simulator achievement list is currently 40-strong, giving the completionist players a lot to do during their time completing cleaning jobs in the game's various modes. PowerWash Simulator has seen massive success since its launch, with tonnes of players praising the laid-back gameplay and the satisfaction of using a power washer. For those wanting to do more than just remove dirt from objects, there are a multitude of PowerWash Simulator achievements to hunt down, requiring you to take on certain challenges and complete specific criteria during jobs. So read on for the full achievements list. 

PowerWash Simulator Achievements List

There are 40 different PowerWash Simulator achievements to earn. Many of them ask you to do certain tasks in various jobs, such as cleaning an area last, or messing with a physics object somewhere on the map. They can range in their difficulty, but for most of them, the description tells you enough about what to do. Below, we'll list the achievement name along with a description of how to earn it. 

  • Soap Connoisseur - Own all cleaning liquids at the same time
  • Fully Equipped - Own the Prime Vista 1500 and three of its attachments
  • Urban Xpert - Own the UrbanX U2 and four of its attachments
  • Heavy Hitter - Own the Prime Vista 3000 and five of its attachments
  • Unlimited Powerwash - Own the Prime Vista PRO and six of its attachments
  • Fashionista - Equip a new outfit, gloves, and wash modification at the same time
  • Powerful Pressure Purist - Completely clean the Van using on the red nozzle
  • First Steps - In the Backyard, complete all 12 stepping stones first
  • StegoScore - In the Playground, roll the football up the stegoslide
  • Gutted - Complete the Bungalow gutters last
  • Pave the Way - In the Detached House, complete the Pathway, Driveway, and Driveway Edge first
  • Sole Task - Complete the sole of the Shoe House last
  • Tall Order - Completely clean the Fire Station job without standing on the scaffolding
  • Watermelon Shot - In the Skatepark, push the ball out of the bowl
  • I Can See Clearly Now - Complete the Fire Truck windows, windscreen, and wing mirrors first


  • Impeccable Balance - Stand on the Penny Farthing for 10 seconds
  • Lantern Hunter - In the Treehouse, complete all of the lanterns first
  • Live by the Blade - Complete the Fire Helicopter blades first
  • Merrily Go Round - Completely clean the Carousel without turning it off
  • Gnome Sweet Gnome - In the Temple, ensure the gnome is on the tower roof once the job is complete
  • Delaying the Inevitable - In the Washroom, complete the toilets last
  • Shine Bright - On the Helter Skelter, complete the objects that have lightbulbs before anything else
  • PowerWash Simulator Suspicious Modifications - Complete the Private Jet laser and anti-gravity parts first
  • Tyresome - Complete the Monster Truck tyres first
  • Best Buds - Ride around the Ferris Wheel with a gnome
  • Blast from the Past - In the Subway Platform, complete the advertising boards first
  • Bucket List - At the Ancient Statue, knock over four buckets
  • Delicate Excavation - Completely clean the Ancient Monument using only the white nozzle
  • All Hands on Deck - Complete the Fishing Boat decks and steps first
  • As It Was Foretold… - Complete Career Mode
  • Coconut Dodge - At the Fairground, knock over all of the coconuts
  • Starting Out - Earn 5 Stars in Career Mode
  • Raking It In - Earn 50 Stars 
  • Big Business - Earn 100 Stars in Career Mode
  • Super Star - Earn 150 Stars in Career Mode
  • Good Dings to Come - Clean 95% of any job without completing any tasks
  • Head First - Complete the Drill head and tip first
  • Going for Gold - Get one gold medal in Challenge Mode
  • Gold Standard - Get give gold medals in Challenge Mode
  • Specialist - Complete a Special Job

That's all for our breakdown of the PowerWash Simulator achievements, and now you have the full list if you plan on completing them all. 

We also have a fix for the PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt not working bug, which can stop you from finishing levels. 

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