Pokemon Legends Arceus Bonsly: Where To Catch Bonsly

Pokemon Legends Arceus Bonsly: Where To Catch Bonsly

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Dave McAdam


8th Feb 2022 14:56

Pokemon Legends Arceus Bonsly is tricky to find. Pokemon Legends Arceus has many challenges for players trying to fill out their Pokedex and one such hurdle is tracking down Bonsly, the baby Pokemon that evolves into Sudowoodo. Here is everything you need to know on Pokemon Legends Arceus Bonsly: Where to catch Bonsly.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Bonsly: Where To Find

pokemon legends arceus bonsly: where Bonsly can be found on the map
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Bonsly is a rare spawn in the Coronet Highlands. To maximize your chances of finding one, head to the Summit Camp then from there, head east through the Celestica Ruins. There are many dangerous Pokemon in this area, so it would be best to do this with Wyrdeer or Braviary.

In the Celestica Ruins, check for shaking rocks (which you can learn more about in our Pokemon Legends Arceus shaking trees and rocks guide). These are the rocks you smash for Tumblestones, which occasionally you will find shaking around. This means that when you smash the rock, a Pokemon will emerge. In this area around the Dialga and Palkia statues, Bonsly can appear from these shaking rocks. If you find none shaking, or no Bonsly in any that do shake, head back to Jubilife Village then return to Coronet to reset the area.


Pokemon Legends Arceus Bonsly: How To Catch

pokemon legends arceus bonsly: battling Bonsly
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At some point when smashing rocks in Celestica Ruins, a Bonsly will appear and a battle will begin. Bonsly should be around level 40, so bring an appropriate level Pokemon to battle it. Despite its appearance, Bonsly is a rock-type Pokemon, so don't hit it with any water or fighting moves for fear of knocking it out.

Wear it down and hit it with a Great Ball and you should have a Bonsly of your own. That's one of the trickiest Pokemon to find ticked off the Pokedex!

That is all you need to find and catch Pokemon Legends Arceus Bonsly! For another rare and tricky find, check out our Pokemon Legends Arceus Sand Radishes guide!


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